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Composition on the topic "My future profession is a doctor": how correctly to express their thoughts

Each of those who graduated from school wrote an essay onfuture profession. And many of this task was not easy. In fact, it's quite easy to write an essay on a similar topic if you know some rules and peculiarities of writing.

essay on my future profession doctor

To teach a child to correctly and correctly express their thoughts and reasonings on the topic of their future, let us consider an essay on the topic "My future profession is a doctor".

What do you need to know?

What does the child need to know to write such a composition?

  • A student should know the peculiarities of the chosen profession, because on one reasoning the topic will not be fully revealed.
  • The composition must consist of three parts: entry, foundation and conclusion.
  • The text should be logically structured and unified.

Now we can proceed to study each part separately.


Since we are writing an essay on the topic "My future profession is a doctor", which means that the topic is fully concretized, then it can be started only in several ways.

  1. A student can start in a fairly obvious way - choosing a future profession. "Although I'm only in grade 7, I'm already thinking about who I'll be in the future. And my decision was to choose the profession of a doctor. "
  2. Composition on the topic "My future profession is a doctor"can begin with a description of this specialization. "A doctor is not so much a profession as a vocation. Only a person who has a great desire and goal to heal and save people at any cost, can become a truly great doctor. "
  3. Also an option for the beginning can serveposing a question for reasoning. "It would seem that the profession of a doctor is one of the most difficult and difficult not only at the stage of training, but also during practice. I thought about choosing a specialty for a long time and finally decided to become a doctor for myself. What difficulties can I face in the future and why am I confident in this choice? "

After you start the composition, go to the writing of the main and most filled part - the main one.

my future profession is a doctor writing a plan

How to write the main part?

The central part of the composition is not onlythe largest in volume, but also the most meaningful, therefore in the writing of this part the student must put all his thoughts and ideas. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that the main part should also have its own structure, it should be divided into paragraphs and be logically structured.

Composition-reflection on the theme "My futureprofession "can be disclosed in many ways. One of them is a discussion of the complexity, tasks and work of doctors. It is great if the words of the student are confirmed by quotations or statements of famous doctors. "The profession of a doctor can be very exhausting. In history, there is a case when the surgeon operated on his patient for almost 24 hours! Such an operation was necessary in order to save the human hand. "

A student can speculate about how thehistory of healing with time. "In the Middle Ages there was a real decline in medicine. People died tens of thousands from various diseases. But even in the 18th century there were significant problems in healing. A person could die from a simple cold, which today is successfully treated. "

writing a reflection on the topic of my future profession


Composition on the topic "My future profession is a doctor"must be logically terminated. The student must sum up and draw a conclusion about his reasoning. "I consider the profession of a doctor noble. Therefore, I am sure that I will never regret my choice. "

That's so easy you can learn to write reasoningon the topic "My future profession is a doctor". A writing-plan can help a child to write any such reasoning, so do not forget to practice regularly, and then everything will necessarily happen.

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