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Diplomat is the official representative of the country abroad

Many are attracted by the diplomatic service, butunderstand its essence is not all. Since school, we know that a diplomat is a public servant who works abroad and represents the interests of his country. But, having graduated from the Faculty of International Relations, a former student suddenly understands that everything is arranged quite differently than he imagined. Undoubtedly, the diplomat works in an interesting field, but everyday and boring tasks are also an integral part of the activity. And most of it.

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Diplomatic activity is surrounded by manyconjectures, which make it so romantic and mysterious. Many young people dream about how they will become representatives of their country at the international level and will live in some remote corner of the globe. In their understanding, the diplomat is a person who, in the course of his activity, has the opportunity to visit America, Western Europe, and even Africa, to experience a lot of incredible adventures, which he will not be ashamed to tell his grandchildren later. They are very surprised when they find out that this is a nervous job, which requires the daily strain of all mental and physical abilities.

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A diplomat is an official who has to perform the following activities in the service of his duty:

  • Participation in the settlement of various issues relating to the areas of external and internal policy of the state, which he represents.
  • Support for migrants, as well as assistance in resolving conflict situations with their direct participation.
  • Advising compatriots on obtaining citizenship, residence permit and visas in the country of his stay, as well as foreign citizens who wish to visit his homeland.
  • Participation in peacekeeping trips.

Work diplomats in the embassies and all kinds ofgovernmental organizations. Diplomats of Russia must thoroughly know the legislation of their own country, as well as the country in which they are in the service. Successful implementation of this work is possible only if they know several foreign languages ​​and are well versed in geography, history, political science, economics, psychology and sociology.

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While in service abroad, diplomats are obligedconstantly monitor the developments in the host country, analyze them, inform their government about them, and also recommend to him what position he is better to take in relation to them. Activities involve a very large amount of organizational work, which is not as exciting as it seems at first glance. Meeting delegations, permanent translations and the design of a variety of documents very quickly turn into a routine routine. And competently to talk with people to get important information from nature can not all. Therefore, the diplomat is also a subtle psychologist. And besides communication skills, we also need truly encyclopedic knowledge and phenomenal memory, without which it is impossible to succeed in diplomatic activities.

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