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Seryozhka in the navel - and you want, and pricked! Proper care for piercing

Brilliant decorations-rhinestones in the navel, on the nose orin the language - this, of course, is beautiful, but at the same time it is dangerous. It is dangerous for our health. After all, in the pursuit of fashion and style, we completely forget about our body. Whatever the piercing: an earring in the navel or a ball on the tongue - if you do not observe the special rules of caring for them, there is a huge risk of inflammation.

earring in the navel

Piercing is not childish

Any specialist will tell you that everyan artificial hole on the human body can cost him dearly, becoming the cause of this or that infection. Among young people piercings in the mouth (lips and tongue) are widespread, and it is in this place that the puncture is not only not desirable, but also not childishly dangerous! But the earring in the navel - this is the least dangerous form of piercing (of course, with proper care for it). Very rarely, healing is as easy as after the usual puncture of the ears. If you take care of piercing at the navel with all responsibility, then on average it will take about six months.

How to take care of piercing

As you know, silver kills germs, sowith a fresh puncture, we recommend using silver earrings, they are ideal for the navel! So, you went to a cosmetic or piercing salon and pierced your navel. Congratulations, your dream has come true! Now to the point. Please note that for the first five days your navel will look perfect, so use it - take pictures with your naked stomach, show off to friends and girlfriends and so on. In general, have time to enjoy its beauty. Why "have time"? Because in five days this place will take a slightly different look. Where the ring directly enters the umbilicus, redness will appear, and the liquid will begin to pour out of the puncture, resembling milk in color. But do not be afraid! This is completely normal. Your body just wants to push out a foreign object, that's all!

Process twice a day

earrings for navel piercing
the place where the earring enters the navel, a concentrate of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). During the treatment, scroll your jewelry to best disinfect the puncture site. Remember! No alcohol solution! The following are cases where the situation may get out of hand and you need immediate medical attention. Do not ignore them and carefully monitor your health if:

  • the amount of secretions increased markedly;
  • the discharge was colored yellow;
  • the initial reddening began to spread further and further;
  • there was a pain.

Let us repeat, any of these cases is a serious reason to visit a doctor. Please take this seriously!

Silver earrings for navel
Know that the wound that the earring formed innavel, is considered healed in full only when redness disappears! Therefore, in no case do not stop processing the puncture site until the redness is completely gone. Otherwise, we repeat, you risk getting an infection.

And finally one more warning: no pools, saunas and beaches until the wound does not heal! In addition, do not pull the earrings to pierce the navel, until you make sure that the wound is fully tightened. Remember, than you risk.

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