/ How to repair the VAZ 2106 engine in your garage?

How to repair the VAZ 2106 engine in your garage?

The well-known fact is that 2101 wasthe first model of the VAZ, followed by the station wagon, followed by the sedan 2103 and its modification - 2106. It should be noted that he won such popularity in Russia that no other foreign car was dreamed of, even Toyota Corolla, which produced more than 30 million copies, was not was able to defeat the "six".

engine repair ваз 2106

But, no matter how popular and popular thiscar, it has flaws, which, unfortunately, it is worth attributing and its engine. Now it's easy to find the right part, so repairing the VAZ 2106 engine can not be called problematic. As practice shows, the resource of such an engine is about 60 000 km, after which the "capital" follows. Fortunately, this procedure does not involve all the details and components of the car, but the process is still evident.

Overhaul of the VAZ 2106 engineit is essential to reduce the price if mounting and dismantling works themselves. Of course, you can go further, but not every car owner in the garage, except the car, there are several machines for boring cylinders or polishing the crankshaft necks. Of course, for dismantling and defecting, you will also need some tools, some of which can be called unique and specific.

engine overhaul vases 2106

Engine repair VAZ 2106 for convenience costsdivided into three stages, among which you need to distinguish the dismantling, defect and replacement parts with subsequent assembly. The first stage implies a complete disassembly. It must be remembered that it should be done in a clean workplace, because, for example, the dust that can get into the cylinder block will soon stick to the fatty surfaces of the oil, and after the assembly will bring all the work to naught. All the details should be thoroughly cleaned with kerosene, since no self-respecting specialist will deal with the dirty cylinder block, which is completely smeared with fuel oil. In addition, if the "shanker" remains in the engine, it will begin to wash off with clean oil and can hammer the entire lubrication system. Again, all the work in vain.

Engine repair VAZ 2106 implies anddefectiveness. To do this, you need a few micrometers, a set of styli and a caliper. The first is to measure the crankshaft journals and camshaft journals. The second is the cylinders and camshaft supports. Shchupami also need to determine the state of many parts (their list is quite long).

engine overhaul of the VAZ 2109

After determining the wear of the parts, a boringcylinders and grinding the crankshaft necks. Then spare parts are installed. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the assembly, because it directly affects the repair of the VAZ 2106 engine.

Then you need to replace the consumable fluids. Particular attention should be paid to the oil filter, in which to install oil before installation. After this, you need to make sure the correct assembly, turning the crankshaft by hand using a curved starter. Rotation should be tight. If you do not turn the crankshaft, you do not have to test fate - it's better to parse the engine again. It is clear that the procedure is not pleasant, but after the reassembly, everything is likely to work. Owners of other models should not despair, because, for example, a major overhaul of the VAZ 2109 engine is practically the same.

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