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The modern tendency to pierce the navel

Since ancient times people have become accustomed to decorating their body,including with the help of piercing. In recent decades, the beautiful sex prefers to pierce the navel. This type of piercing, perhaps, is most common after a puncture of the ears. During this operation, the navel is not pierced, but the fold of the skin above it. As an earring, we use barbells or rings of various materials. At the very beginning, while the wound has not yet healed, it is preferable to use gold of 750 tests, surgical steel or titanium. This is due to the fact that various impurities in other materials can cause allergy or inflammation.

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Deciding on piercing, you need to carefullyconsider all the beauty salons where you can pierce the navel. The organization and, of course, the master must have the appropriate licenses and certificates. After all during such procedure it is very easy to bring an infection. Therefore, the corresponding instruments must be sterile. Many people are interested in the question: "How much does it cost to pierce the navel?" As a rule, those who want to save and carry out the operation at home are interested in this. Do it categorically not worth it! The price for this procedure is not so high. Depending on the salon and qualification of the master it can fluctuate within 300-1000 rubles. Therefore, it is better to trust a professional and protect yourself from both a possible infection and a crooked puncture.

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The operation itself is almost painless, howeverif you want, you can ask the master for anesthesia. It is important to know not only whether it is painful to pierce the navel and how much it costs, but also how to take care of it in the future. After all, in the early days it will be the real wound, which, if not properly handled, can get stung. And in the end, instead of a beautiful decoration, there will be a non-healing inflammation. Therefore, we will give a few simple rules that need to be adhered to until the puncture site has healed. As a rule, complete healing takes place in two weeks.

  1. The earring can not be removed during this time.
  2. You can not take a bath, swim in the pool or in an open reservoir, go to the sauna.
    how much is it to pierce the navel
  3. Twice a day, the puncture site is treatedantiseptic solution. It is best to use the drug "Chlorhexidine". In this case, it is necessary to remove the saccharum, and after treatment use a bactericidal ointment.
  4. When the wound is slightly worn out, the earring needs to be turned during processing.
  5. During the shower, a healed puncture is also necessaryrinse, turning the earring, using soap or shower gel, to remove the existing dirt and sweat from the opening itself and from the decoration.
  6. You can not wear tight and woolen things.

If once you decide that piercing the belly button was a mistake, you can remove the earring. Soon the hole will overgrow, and there will be a scar hardly visible.

Piercing the navel in our time is very fashionable. This is facilitated by numerous photographs of models with seductive flat bellies with piercings. However, in deciding on such a step, ordinary young ladies should think about how appropriate this decoration will be, and also about the possible consequences of the procedure.

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