/ / The camouflage suit is its types and features. How to make the equipment yourself.

The camouflage suit is its types and features. How to make the equipment yourself.

Masking suit has its own characteristics. Such special clothes are used by the military, and suits for fishermen and hunters have become very popular.

History of the appearance of a camouflage suit

In ancient times, a camouflage suit was made ofall materials at hand: branches, leaves, grass. Such equipment was created more for self-preservation of the person in extreme conditions. The best material for making the costume was animal fur and feathers of birds. All this was done to survive in the wild.

camouflage suit

A modern camouflage suit came frommilitary about 50 years ago. The first military suits were used by the British army back in the 19th century, and they were made in khaki color. Gradually the costumes were perfected and began to be produced in several types, with different colors and patterns. Gradually the camouflage suit circled the entire planet and began to be used by the army in all countries of the world.

Types of camouflage suits

Masking clothes are created individually for each locality and time of the year. There are two main types of equipment:

  • Summer.
  • Winter.

Each of them is subdivided into special subspecies, of which there are a large number.

Summer camouflage suit is completeda jacket with a hood and trousers of free cut. The costume is intended for use only on a summer background. It is produced in a green tint with a special fine geometric pattern. If necessary, the camouflage suit is washed in the washing machine.

camouflage suits for hunting

Winter outfits are made of dense white fabric andUsed in the cold season. Can be produced with a different pattern, imitating dirt, or woven from woven dyed nap. For convenience, there are slippers that are on the trousers or on the jacket to attach the belt. If you buy a quality winter camouflage suit, then a person can remain unnoticed at a distance of several meters.

Masking suit with your own hands

If necessary, you can make camouflagesuit with their own hands. Favorite activities for men are fishing and hunting, which require the availability of such equipment. It is not necessary to buy it in the store, it's easy to do it yourself. In this there is nothing complicated. Detailed instructions step by step explain each action:

  1. From the old camouflage fabric you need to cut strips of different widths of 3 and 8 cm and a length of at least 25 cm. If there is no such fabric, you can take any other monophonic material.
  2. The next step is preparing the shirt. It can be made of dense material. It's better if the shirt is a military model. You can also take any longer cloak or coat.
  3. On a shirt or a raincoat begin to sew stripes frommatter, alternating with each other in color and size. This will give future equipment a more inconspicuous appearance. If you want to increase the length of the shirt, then you can do it with a nylon mesh. And in it weave bands of matter.
  4. For a headdress the usual black knitted hat is ideal. For better her disguise, you can sew on her pieces of cloth. Shoes will suit any dark shade. It does not need to be masked separately.
    camouflage suit

These camouflage suits for hunting or fishing can be made from improvised means.


As can be seen from all of the above, if you need a camouflage suit, you do not need to buy it in the store.

camouflage suit
Having in its arsenal a small amount of informationand simple materials, it's easy to make by yourself. If you still need to buy it, then you need to go for it to a specialized store of military equipment. Also camouflage suits can be purchased at the shops "Everything for fishing and hunting".

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