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Costume "Viking" with their own hands: creative ideas, job description

Wishing to dip his child into the world of history andmyths, you can make an original Viking suit, which will appeal to every boy. After reading the tips and recommendations, you can make a fine outfit, which is suitable for a masquerade or Halloween.

Viking Costume

Selection of fabrics and accessories

To make a Viking costume with your own hands forboy, first of all you need to choose fabrics and materials for making a dress. To work, you need cloth for a shirt, the blue matter is perfect. If there is artificial fur, it will be needed to make the cape, artificial leather and twine are needed for arm ruffles. If possible, metal blocks of a small size can be used to decorate the helmet.

From the skin, you can cut out the details for the armlets andpull them on your hands with a twine. Of the additional items you will need a sword and a shield, they can be found in any children's store, they look quite believable. In addition, you can make an amulet from improvised means and hang it around your neck.

Viking suit with own hands

The outfit of a boy should be distinguished not only by beauty, but also by convenience. Therefore, it is very important to make it out of light components that will not restrict the child's freedom of movement.

Viking suit for your own hands for a boy

The basis of the costume is not so difficult. Need pants, shirt and cape. The shirt can be sewn specially for the costume, but the usual light shirt is also suitable. Bottoms and sleeves can be decorated with a braid, it will be quite plausible.

Pants can also be sewn using a pattern of regular pajamas. But to create a suit suit the usual dark panties, which are in the wardrobe of the boy.

Costume "Viking" completes the final touch - it'scloak. Fur material should be sewn by hand and sew a hook with a hook in addition. If desired, the suit can be supplemented with appropriate footwear. The most suitable option will be boots. For this conventional boots or slippers, lined with artificial leather, are suitable, but in this case the bootlegs are sewn separately and put on top of slippers.

If desired, you can create a viking costume forgirls. Its components are the same as in the outfit for the boy, the difference is the bottom. Instead of panties you will need a skirt. A ready-made skirt can be sewn with pieces of leather or sew an article made of artificial leather.

Viking costume for girl

Viking Helmet

Any Viking will not be able to do without a helmet, because this is exactly the subject of the costume, without which it is impossible to imagine this brave warrior.

The helmet can be made in the papier-mache technique. Using a three-liter jar for the base, you should make a helmet made of plasticine. It is necessary to follow only that it suits the child in size. Also, prepare a lot of paper or newspaper pieces.

Plasticine base should be glued with glue andapply the first layer of paper dampened in water. It is necessary to wait a while until the first layer dries. After this, four more layers of glued paper are applied. Now the helmet should be left to dry completely. For strength, you can make a wire frame, fix it with a superglue and cover the helmet with paint.

Viking suit for your own hands for a boy

The main distinguishing feature of the helmet is the horns. Their frame can also be made of wire and wrapped with leatherette.

The difference between a viking costume and a knight's costume

The costume "Viking" in many respects differs fromknightly attire. And the first distinguishing feature is the helmet. The horned helmet was worn only by brave Scandinavian warriors. If the knights wore square-shaped helmets, the Vikings had hemispherical helmets.

No less important difference is the form of the shield. The Viking shield is round, edged with an iron hoop. Knights wore triangular shields. In addition, the Vikings had protection from wood, and not from iron.

The weapons of these warriors also have no less differences. Viking swords are wider, and the guard is not too large. In addition, the Danish warriors have additional weapons - this is an ax. Speaking of knights, they can also arm themselves with a small sword with the image of a lion.

Costume "Viking" is an original outfit, which is not so often found on children's parties. Strive for originality, such attire will be an excellent choice for a children's holiday.

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