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For each firm, regardless of its size,A positive result of the activity is important. As a rule, it is expressed in making a profit. Qualified staff, good working conditions, high wages do not always guarantee complete success. He largely depends on the head (director). His activities aimed at creating a working atmosphere are called: marketing of personnel. This concept includes several aspects that need to be known and taken into account in working with people.

Clear statement of the purpose and mission of the company

The common goal unites people. They know what their work is for. In addition, working in a team allows you to achieve great results in the minimum amount of time. It should be noted that the goal should be set out in such a way that everyone can easily understand and remember it. It should be as simple and interesting as possible.

Diagnosis of organizational culture

Marketing personnel involves the creation of certainrules and laws that operate only within the firm and promote efficiency. It often happens that the manager allows his subordinates some freedom in behavior. As a result, informal relations arise in the collective, based on the habits of individuals. In such a situation, it is very difficult for a manager to influence the work process in any way. This negatively affects productivity and, as a result, the income of the whole enterprise or firm decreases. Consequently, the task of the head is to clearly formulate the requirements for the staff (work schedule, uniform, rules of communication and behavior, duties, etc.).

Identification of staffing needs

In order not to incur losses and increase income,it is necessary to determine the number of people needed to achieve the goal. The head, studying the marketing of personnel as a science, will cope with this without difficulty. Within the framework of this task, it is necessary to calculate the workload for each employee and the amount of salary. As a result, it will be possible to determine the minimum and maximum number of employees needed at the moment.

Creation of demanded jobs

To attract qualified professionals, it is necessary to create appropriate working conditions. In this case, the role of both the wage level, and the staff, the room and so on.

Introduction of the incentive system

Personnel management is not only different methods of control and limitations. For the best and hardworking employees, bonuses, promotions, etc. should be provided.

In order to make the goals clearer, let's look at the functions that are assigned to the marketing of personnel:

1. Information. Collection of various information: the labor market, the external and internal environment of the organization, etc.

2. Analytical. Processing of the received data, drawing up of various reports and the offer of actions for improvement of work of employees.

3. Communicative. Establishing links with the labor market and employees. This is necessary to meet the needs of the organization in the staff. Such connections are carried out through the employment service of the population, educational institutions, employment agencies, mass media.

Summarizing, we can say that marketingpersonnel - this is a specialized activity aimed at creating a workable team, maintaining and improving its functioning. As a rule, in large organizations special departments are created, which is what they are doing. Experienced and skilled professionals are not so many and attracting them is not easy. Therefore, the task of marketers is to create such conditions for work, from which it will be impossible to refuse.

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