/ / Complex marketing and its analysis to improve sales efficiency.

Complex of marketing and its analysis for increasing sales efficiency.

A marketing mix is ​​a system of flowsinformation and market relations that unite firms with the markets for their products. It is a careful analysis of all the factors and information included in the marketing mix that allows the company to maintain and multiply a niche in the conditions of fierce competition for the sale of its product or service.

Complex marketing includes four main components: price, product, delivery of the product to the consumer and promotion of the goods on the market.
The product directly depends on the assessment of the monetaryflow, its forecast and direction. A comprehensive approach is to expand the range both within the own trading network and in entering new markets.
Price is one of the most important economictools of the marketing complex, which directly affects the profitability of the enterprise. Depending on the choice of price strategy in the enterprise, there may be a policy of differentiated or uniform, low or high, unstable or stable, discriminatory or preferential prices.

The essence of product promotion in the market isin the promotion of the brand of a particular product, increasing its sales and creating an image of a new product. Strategies for the promotion of goods consist in carrying out all kinds of competitions, shares, lotteries, credit benefits, discounts, etc.
The way of sale of the goods can be made by the enterprise, or with the help of trade intermediaries (distributors, sellers, dealers, brokers, various agents, etc.).
The main functions of marketing:
1) Complex analysis of a specific market, identification of major problems and prospects;
2) Realization of control of marketing activity and its management.
3) Planning the assortment of the enterprise, taking into account market requirements and own capabilities;
4) Planning of various sales operations;
5) Formation of demand, promotion of sales.
Marketing researches are connected with structure and flexibility of capacities of the enterprise, its industrial potential and financial resources.
The main goal of developing a marketing mix for an enterprise is to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage of the enterprise, gaining a strong market position.
The company's capabilities areexperience, knowledge, technology, cultural activity, organizational structure, image. It is necessary to consider all these elements when determining the ability of an enterprise to serve an attractive customer segment.

Consumer analysis helps identify anduse in the strategy of the enterprise's activities segments that are most appropriate to the capabilities of the enterprise, allows you to clarify the basic use values, develop a system of measures that can profitably meet the needs of the enterprise.
The cost analysis allows to use the most suitable for promotion and creation of commodity samples, which will be favorably different from the products of other manufacturers.

Analysis of competitors, consumers and costsis necessary for such purposes as formulating goals, developing a marketing mix for the enterprise and developing an activity strategy. The goal may be to obtain, or consolidate the existing success of the enterprise. Depending on the goal, a marketing strategy is developed.
There are the following basic marketing strategies that help bring the organization's capabilities into line with the situation in the markets:
1) Improving the organizational structure;
2) Penetration into new markets, introduction of a new type of product into old markets, penetration of a new market segment;
3) Termination of the sale of goods that ceased to bring the specified profit, stop production of loss-making goods, leaving non-profitable markets.

Confident orientation in such a structure as a complex of marketing ensures the success of trading activities.

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