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Differentiated Marketing

Recently widespreadreceived a market strategy, such as differentiated marketing. It assumes the focus of enterprises on several segments of the market. To do this, the head takes a decision on the production of various types of goods.

Differential marketing is considered beneficial,as it ensures high competitiveness. In addition, integrated production allows increasing the level of profitability. If we talk about the numerous risks associated with the constantly changing market conditions, then this strategy provides a high degree of reliability. And this is understandable, because when the demand for one type of goods falls, it is possible to raise it for other products. And this means that the enterprise will operate stably and profitably.

Young entrepreneurs should understand thatdifferentiated marketing is quite expensive, as it requires a lot of money to develop individual programs to promote and sell each product on the market. Therefore, it is used, as a rule, by large companies that have been working for a long time and want to improve.

And small and medium-sized organizationsproduction of goods, the provision of services or the performance of work, prefer undifferentiated marketing, since this strategy involves the introduction of one product to the market and its promotion. Of course, the position of concentration on a certain product will not bring such a large-scale profit and has a high level of risk, but with the right approach it operates smoothly.

Developed differentiated marketing hasone major advantage, which is the large-scale satisfaction of the needs of the population. And this, in turn, gives the producer a reason for setting high prices. The main task for any specialist is to define a position that would ensure a rational correlation of costs for such a complex strategic activity and the effect of its results. The choice of specific market segments should be based on careful analysis, the best option is to function on several, but very large segments.

Specialists should determine the specificthe direction of future activities, for example, well-known companies produce homogeneous goods at different price levels, which provides them with an increase in consumers of all strata of the population. The greatest benefit from such a strategy is the head, if competing firms adhere to an undifferentiated strategy. Then an unequivocal victory is guaranteed.

A vivid example of a differentiated approach inmarketing activities of companies selling air tickets, can be the fact that when buying a ticket, several options are offered, divided into classes. Of course, the higher the level of service and the more services provided, the more expensive the ticket is priced, and the higher the class level. At present, many airlines adhere precisely to differentiated marketing. In order to stand out in such a tough competitive struggle, the organization should take concrete measures. You need to determine your advantages and actively communicate about them through advertising. As an option, it is possible to expand the range of services provided to consumers of different classes, or to find a way to ensure maximum passenger safety.

Thus, it can be concluded thatDifferentiated marketing is an excellent strategy in any market. At the same time, it blocks the enterprise the opportunity to regulate prices by reducing the level of costs, since the cost of putting into effect such a strategic plan is large enough, but further profit pays them several times.

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