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VV-cream "Meibelin". Customer Reviews

In 2012, Western markets swept the wavenew creams that can moisturize the face, apply as a tonal basis and even sunscreen. BB cream came to us from Korea, where he enjoyed great success with celebrities. The list of the very first European brands that created their BB-cream includes Maybelline.

BB cream meibelin reviews

So, let's see what the peculiarity of BB-cream is from "Meibelin". The first thing you need to know about him is his four shades:

  • "Light" - especially for the fair-skinned. This shade is the most pale in this series of BB-creams.
  • "Very light" - despite the name, this shade is darker than the previous one, it is suitable for skin with a light tan.
  • "Natural-beige" - suitable for swarthy skin.
  • "Natural shine" - dark with a certain rusty hue. Buyers are not advised to stop picking on this shade, because when applied it gives the skin an unnatural color.

A lot of discussions were caused by VV-cream "Meibelin". Reviews of girls and women vary even by the same item. This is not surprising. After all, the skin of each person is individual and reacts to VV-cream from "Meibelin" in different ways. But still there are several points in which women agree with each other.

cc meybelin cream

Certainly, the cream has many advantageous advantages:

  • There is no mask effect. The cream is very light and weightless, but this is also a drawback: for some ladies it is important that the cream conceals defects and redness of their skin. VV-cream "Meybelin", the reviews claim, hardly copes with this even by 50%.
  • It is easy to apply, it falls flat on the skin, the cream mass does not roll down. Almost all customers of this product agree with this item.
  • It looks natural on the skin.
  • The skin does not shine. First, the cream does not shine only the first 4-6 hours, then the skin looks greasy and greasy, and secondly, it works only in women with normal or dry skin. The more your skin is prone to grease, the less time it takes to make it start to shine.
  • Long lasting on the skin. This item is reliable only if you do not confuse the shine of your skin after a few hours.
  • Adapts to the color of the face. With the right shade, BB cream adjusts to your complexion, and the differences between the color of the face and neck are invisible, which is not a feature of conventional foundation creams.
    vv cream meybelin reviews
  • You can use instead of moisturizing cream, andalso the basis for make-up. This function of the cream, perhaps, is the main, which attracts VV-cream "Meybelin". Reviews advise on top of it to remove the gloss using tonal powder, especially this is relevant for the summer period.
  • Does not clog pores. With proper removal at the end of the day, IV cream does not clog pores because of its light foundation.

VV-cream "Maybelin" promises the performance of 8 points,which can easily be read on its tube. The items that were discussed in this article resonate with them, but some have been ignored. For example, "protection from the sun and its rays (spf 30)". Judge for yourself that this item is very difficult to verify.

Try VV-cream "Meybelin", reviews about which still promise a positive effect, check all 8 items described on the package, and, perhaps, it will suit you.

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