/ / Cream "Vit" for depilation will save unnecessary hairs and smooth skin

Cream "Vit" for depilation will save unnecessary hairs and smooth skin

Due to the rapidly developing technologies inThe arsenal of a modern woman has all kinds of means for depilation. Many of them bring a lot of painful sensations and have a short effect. Removing excess hairs with a cream is the most common method of depilation, painless and pleasant. The current cosmetic industry offers a lot of different foam and creams for depilation. They differ in the scope of application, the degree of exposure and the aromatic and moistening additives available in the composition.

depilation cream vit
The thighs and thighs can be subjected to more intense effects. The means for the bikini zone, underarms and face are more gentle, soft and tender, they contain more components for moisturizing.

Cream "Vit": for depilation - the best tool!

Cream "Veet" is everything a woman needs forIn order to get rid of unnecessary, unnecessary hairs efficiently and quickly! Cream "Vit" acts on the hair, not cutting, but dissolving it. This delays growth and eliminates the bristles that happen after shaving. The cream for depilation "Vit" is enriched with cosmetic ingredients, specially selected for the care of different types of skin.

Simple operation principle

How does the cream "Vit" for depilation? It is necessary to distribute the cream evenly over the areas with unnecessary vegetation, wait a little, scrape off the mass. The formula of the cream, created on the basis of calcium thiol glycolate, makes it possible to influence not only the hairs on the surface, but also penetrates into their structure. This allows the hairs to easily separate, the process of depilation with cream does not cause any special discomfort, it does not require a lot of time.

Precautionary measures

cream vit for depilation

It is not recommended to apply "Vit" cream fordepilation on scars, moles, acne, irritated, damaged or having reactions to the sun's rays. Do not use the cream before 72 hours after shaving and with the previously negative reactions to depilation creams. Before use, consult a doctor and make a susceptibility test by applying the cream to a small area of ​​the skin where you will remove the hair, following the instructions. If after 24 hours there was no negative reaction, the cream "Vit" for depilation can be used.

cream for facial depilation
Undesirable hairs on the face

This is a significant problem for a woman. And if the selection of funds for the legs and other problem areas does not make much effort, then all facial cosmetics should be of the highest quality. The facial depilation cream removes unwanted hair quite well, but there are some drawbacks. You have to be extremely careful! It should be remembered that certain compounds can cause serious damage to the skin. As a result, the result will not please you at all. And worse - there will be irritation, rashes or burns. Before use, carefully read the formulation and instructions for use! Then the epilation with the help of the cream will pass without complications.

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