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What are the advantages of cream powder

The services of modern girls are offereda lot of products that help to look dazzling. Cosmetics, both hygienic and decorative, will be able to come to the rescue in almost any everyday situations. After all, not everyone gets from nature even, matte skin or long eyelashes. And an attractive, smooth tone of the face - the main thing when creating an image, not only for the solemn event, but also for every day. With him, any make-up looks elegant, and the eyeliner, mascara and lipstick will not spread and will effectively emphasize the eyes and lips.

Probably, therefore, the most popular meansis powder. She will be able to level the tone of the face, disguise small defects, make the skin dull. A cream powder can even replace a foundation in everyday make-up. This method of use has gained popularity not so long ago. Why is it good?

Cream powder is a combination of foundation andPowder. This difference is noticeable even with the naked eye. By consistency, it is much denser than ordinary. Volatile silicones in the formulation evaporate when applied to the skin, and it is converted to powder. However, if you apply a wet sponge, which is included in the kit, the density will be closer to the foundation.

This is the main quality that anycream powder. The reviews of many women only confirm this. The tonal cream does not always look natural. Sometimes, achieving the ideal tone of the face, we overdo it, and it begins to look like a mask. Also much depends on the individual skin type. Use of a cream-powder excludes such effect.

Owners of combined and problematic, andalso oily skin is more suitable compact cream powder. It has a matting effect and does not contain fats and oils. It is produced in large enough boxes, which have a compartment for a special sponge. It will be necessary if you want to disguise skin imperfections well by applying a moistened sponge to the cream powder, you will achieve the effect of a foundation. It will be almost impossible to make a usual pillow (but if this tool is used only as a powder, you can apply any). Compact cream powder, replacing the foundation, does not clog up the pores and allows the skin to breathe. It protects the face from the impact of the environment, but at the same time it lets in air, does not provoke the appearance of pimples.

Liquid cream-powder contains oils, moisturizingComponents. It is more suitable for owners of dry and normal skin, prevents dehydration. This powder is laid flat, and when dried, it gives a matting effect.

How to apply?

  • Preliminary skin of the face is cleaned with a suitable means - gel, milk, foam.
  • Then apply a light day cream, appropriate to the type of skin.
  • It must be completely absorbed, so that the cream powder lies evenly.
  • If you apply it with a wet sponge, do it with patting movements. Do not try to smear like a foundation. In any case, the movements should be light, as if smooth.
  • It is not recommended to apply the product with a wet sponge to the neck and décolleté area.
  • Use a powdered cream near the hair growth line - it's thick enough, and without that it will be too noticeable.
  • Be sure to rinse the cream-powder for the night with any facial cleanser.

Now in the assortment of almost all firms there iscream powder. "Max Factor", "Loreal", "Artdeko", "Maybelin", "Rimmel", "Christian Dior" and others represent this tool in the market. You can choose a series that is suitable for your type and skin tone. For example, the cream-powder "Max Factor" has a pleasant texture, well masks minor imperfections, flattened and creates a matte leather effect.

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