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There are several ways to find out the "VKontakte" admin group

The administrator in the social network "VKontakte" isa person who performs certain work in a group, public or community. Often, people who do not disdain exceed their authority and arrange chaos in the pages, than they humiliate its participants or those who have long since left the signed tape. That's why the question of how to learn the admin of the VKontakte group remains one of the most acute. There are proven and good ways.

how to find the admin group vkontakte

Look carefully at the page

In every community, group or publicpage has a tab named "Contacts". It displays the names of those who are engaged in news and, in fact, information in public. This is the easiest way to find out the "VKontakte" admin group, since each person has a signature about how he is involved in the group. For example, it can be a community creator, administrator, moderator, designer, proofreader and anyone else. Under the "Contacts" tab, you can determine who can be responsible for this or that information published in the community.

The disadvantage of this method is that with the recenttime in groups of some type there was such function as "to hide the information about administration". Some communities successfully apply it, wishing to remain anonymous. The definition of the "VKontakte" admin group becomes difficult, though possible.

definition of admin group vkontakte

Learning the wall of the community

Each public or other page in the describedsocial network has its own "wall". This is the place that either everyone who sees or a limited circle of people see, the part where all the news of the community is displayed. And each post can be signed. Often the administration begins to hide its contacts after some time after the creation of the community. This means that there is a way to find out the admin of the VKontakte group. You just need to flip the "wall" as far as possible, to one of the first posts of the community. There is a chance that some will be signed. It's not so difficult to ask a person whether he is the administrator of a particular group, whether he ever or, perhaps, knows how to contact him.

The disadvantage of this method is that the admin can anddo not admit that it is him. Or your message will remain unanswered. It is also possible that you will receive assistance and every assistance in finding an administrator. In any case, for the demand in the social network in the forehead will not be given, there is a chance to try to do everything yourself, if you make a little effort.

calculate admin group vkontakte

Use the trick

When the administration does not want to make contact,stubbornly hides and does not respond to any messages, you can resort to a sophisticated method, how to determine the admin group "VKontakte", if you use cunning. So, for example, in this social network there is a simple function: "Create a meeting or an event". It is with the help of her that there is a chance to calculate the admin of the VKontakte group, if everything is done correctly and cunningly.

Create an event that will beapproach the topic to the community in which you want to know the administration. You can do this in the "My groups" tab, the "Create community" item, the "Event" sub-item. Take advantage of the chance and make the meeting private, in order to clearly track who signed it and when. Then put the general distribution of invitations. Create a goal - the community of your interest (where you are looking for contact administration) should want to fit into the organizers of the event. Show your imagination and make sure that they can not pass by the meeting. And after that you can safely enter the panel "Community Management", then "Participants", "Organizers". In this subparagraph there is a nice postscript: "The leaders of the organizing community". Voilà! You can see who does what in the group of interest to you.

The disadvantage of this method is thatfar from every community is ready to go to events or to be its organizer. However, if you create a truly killer topic and a catch for the meeting, then there is a chance that you will eventually find out all the interesting details.

how to define the admin group vkontakte

We break protection

In the network there are many programs and sites,promising to quickly and accurately determine who is the administration of the group in the social network "VKontakte". Unfortunately, not all services work "cleanly". Most of them produce data that are not true. Read the reviews carefully before using them.

Extreme measure

If you do not already know how to learn the admingroup "VKontakte", but there are good reasons to find these data, then you can go to the extreme measure - to contact the technical support of the social network. In the "Help" section, describe in the dialog box your problem, give a link to the community, wait for the answer. If the technical support does not tell you the contacts of the administration of the group, then they will make every effort to restore your honest name or warn the admins.

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