/ / It is interesting: how to change the name in "Odnoklassniki"?

It's interesting: how to change the name in "Odnoklassniki"?

How to change the name in Odnoklassniki?
If you changed your surname and now do not know,how to change the information in the social network "Classmates", then in this article we will tell you about it. All you need is a computer with Internet access and your identification data for the site.

How to change the name in Odnoklassniki?

Before we tell you how to edit data in a social network, we'll look at the main reasons why users do it.

  • Incorrect information was provided during registration. For example, the letters were mistaken.
  • Change of passport data. For example, after marriage or on your own
    How to change the name in "Classmates"
  • Desire to indicate a maiden name, while leaving the current one.
  • The need to hide your real name (temporary or permanent measure).

Whichever reason you have, the actions described below will help you realize what you have planned.


How to change the name in Odnoklassniki? The first thing we do is go to the Odnoklassniki website and authorize it (that is, we enter a pair: password and login). Immediately after that, as soon as you open the profile page, we search in the horizontal menu, which can be found under the information about age, name and surname, "More". We point the cursor at it and click the mouse. A drop-down menu opens with many sections of the site. We are interested in the sub-item "About Me". Open it with a mouse click and watch. Before us is a page with all the information about the user, namely:

  • information on birth;
  • information on studies, work (company or school name, period);
  • E-mail address;
  • List of hobbies (your favorite music, movies, books and others).

All the above information can be changed. So, how do you change the name in Odnoklassniki? We find the link "Edit personal data". It is located at the end of the "About Me" block. We click on it and wait for the window with the information to open. The 6 fields that are presented in this section are subject to change. Including the surname. All we need to do is select and erase the old one and enter a new one. If we want to add a surname (for example, leave

how to change the name in "Classmates".
and add a girl), then afteropen parentheses and write new information. After all the data is changed, you need to click on the "Save" button. If you do not do this, then your page will not change. Once you click the "Save" button, the information in your account will be instantly updated. This is all that you will need to do when you come across the question of how to change the name in "Classmates".


How to change the surname in "Classmates", iflost the identity? No way. The procedure for changing information in a user profile is possible only from his account. Try to restore the data and go back to the site. If you do not have such an opportunity, then write to the technical support of the service, perhaps, experts will tell you how else to solve this problem. So, now you know how to change the last name in "Odnoklassniki", and you can easily start editing your data, if, of course, it is required.

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