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How can I find out whose IP address is in the "Contact"? Secrets of exposing by IP

Today we will try to figure out how to find out,whose IP address you have in "VKontakte" lit after checking the running sessions. Sometimes on this basis you can figure out the cracker of the page. Search for people by IP-address is in great demand among users. Only to 100% accurately detect whoever visited your page using your own login and password is difficult. Nevertheless, it's worth trying. What should I look for if you want to catch a burglar in VKontakte?

how to find out whose ip address

We get the address

The first step is to find the IP address, which is fixed in the social network when authorizing. Where can I get this information? Each user has access to them, but only with respect to their profile.

To do this, visit the "My Settings" section andgo to the "Security" tab. Find there "Show activity history". How do you know whose IP-address in "VKontakte" you have highlighted? To do this, you need to get the corresponding number. Just click on "Show history ..." and look at the window that appeared on the screen. On the right side you will see the column "Country (IP)". We need it. Look for the session that the burglar conducted, and remember the corresponding address. What to do next?

Official services

Now you can refer to specialInternet services that offer to find the owner of an IP address. There are a lot of them, but 2IP is popular. Here you can also see the location of the gadget, from which the authorization took place.

All that is required from the user is to dial incorresponding fields of the address and click on the search button. The screen will display information about the alleged cracker. Sometimes even an Internet service provider that serves the user is published. This information, too, remember. If it is not written who exactly is the owner of the IP-address, information about the provider will be useful.

Call the provider

What for? To answer, how to find out whose IP-address you have in "VKontakte" was highlighted in this or that session. It's enough just to call the provider and find out from him who is the owner of the received IP.

find the host ip address

Please note that this information does not applyjust. Therefore, especially hope for success is not necessary. Few will agree to disclose confidential information. Only in some cases you will meet.

Full dossier

How to find out whose IP address is displayed in your"VKontakte" in the "Security" section? This can be done with the help of third-party services. They offer to give absolutely free dossier on each owner of the entered IP.

It is recommended not to believe such proposals. Usually these are viruses that penetrate your computer and begin to absorb traffic. They also steal your personal data. It is better to use the services tested, like 2IP.

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