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Game event "Red Skull Warfyus"

The developers of the game Warface often pleasefans of game events. This can be like a normal shootout, and special missions with tasks. The last operation includes the operation "Red Skull Warfyce". This event is considered one of the best for the lifetime of the project.

Description of the game

For a long time this online shooter has been successfully operating in the gaming industry. The essence of it is no different from other projects of the same theme.

red skull
At one of the provided locations there aretwo teams and are fighting for the championship. Developers are trying in every way to warm up interest in their work, and therefore introduce such operations as "Red Skull Warfyus."

Characters are divided into classes, there are only four of them: medic, engineer, attack aircraft, sniper. From the specialization depends on the arsenal of available weapons. The difference here is that each individual player has his own arsenal, which everyone considers a personal collection. It is useful to you, if you do not know how to get through the "Red Skull" to "Warfare", because there the game will be much more difficult.

how to pass a red skull in a warfare

Game Event

Many users missed the event "Redskull Warfyus "and now can only guess what its essence is.The operation was available all September and provided for the killing of terrorists in all locations around the world.Each successful mission brought the player closer to a secret task.

Information about him was not, and in the course of implementationIt was necessary to be guided and adjusted under change of tasks. Before the final battle was to collect five cards for the murder of other villains, and only then was access to the latter.

For the complete passage of the operation "Red Skull Warfyus," the players had a collection of weapons - one of four, in a random order. All vending machines were sold in the domestic store for real money.

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