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How do I know who visited my VKontakte page?

Who came to my page «Vkontakte?
Who came to my page "VKontakte"? Have you ever asked this question? If so, you probably already know that the VKontakte site does not provide such an opportunity. You can not monitor standard page visitors with a page. However, there are several ways to help answer your question about who went to the "VC" page.

Information from the site itself

In the system of service "VKontakte" there is a small trick, knowing that you can periodically track visitors to your page. What do I need to do?

Who came to my page "VKontakte"?

  1. We go to the site under your login and password and immediately go to the tab "My settings".
  2. Scrolling the page with the settings to the very end and see below the link
    who came to the page "Vkontakte
    "Delete page" (yes, we are interested in removal, but, as you know, we will not do this).
  3. Click on the link and in front of us opens a window in which we are asked to specify the reason and proposed several options thereof.
  4. We select the item "My page is not commented" and see immediately the names of people who have recently visited you.

Who came to my page "VKontakte"? Method number 2

On the site itself there are many applications,which can capture visitors and show them to you. "My guests and admirers" is one of them. This application will show you the guests of your page and fans, that is, those users who have done any activity recently (put the likes, left comments, shared information and so on). It can also be used to view the guests of other users. Of course, there will be information there recently, but it is unreasonable to expect that you will be shown people who came to visit in the last minutes, hours. Use such tools to detect visitors can be safely - they are completely free and approved by the site "VKontakte".

Watching for a friend

The easiest way to find out how oftenyour page is a specific person, is to visit the site under his identity. In the "My friends" tab, users are arranged in the following order: those whose pages are visited more frequently are at the top, those that are less, lower and so on.

who came to the page "VC".
Of course, not everyone can boast that he has access to a friend or girlfriend's account, however this option should not be ruled out.

Fraudulent programs

Many users who ask themselves the question,who came to my page "VKontakte", come across the tricks of unscrupulous comrades who, in the guise of software, offer to satisfy the needs and show guests of the "VKontakte" account. After installation, such a program will either take your data from your profile or offer to send an SMS message, after which the balance of your phone will be significantly reduced. But even after payment fraudsters will not provide you with the long-awaited information. After all, the social network has a high level of protection, and so far no one has managed to hack it. Therefore, if you want to find out who visited the VKontakte page, then use one of those methods that we offered you earlier.

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