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Automated information systems: what are the problems of implementation

It's a long time ago when, under automationnot just the acquisition of a PC and the creation of a network, but the formation of an information system that consists of computers, a network, software, and the most important - the organization of information flows.

automated information systems

Analyzing the experience of implementing IP in Russia, it is possiblesay that often automated information systems on the basis of some integrated software are either not fully implemented, or the company's management practically does not use them. This, unfortunately, is the standard situation.

To understand the whole meaning of the article, it is necessaryrecall that an automated information system is a set of economic and mathematical models and methods, information, software, technical, technological tools, as well as specialists. It is created for the collection and subsequent storage and processing of information, as well as for the adoption and issuance of management decisions.

The implementation analysis carried out today revealed several reasons for the failure, which the automated information system reacts after its creation.

Problems and difficulties

  1. Ready-made foreign automated information systems are primarily focused on ideal business processes that do not border on the real structures of our companies and enterprises.
  2. The development of systems is handled by programmers,therefore they are constructed according to the theory of AS. It turns out a closed automated process, excluding the human factor. As a result, all management is rejected by such a system and that is why the leaders of medium-sized businesses are against the introduction of these systems already at a subconscious level.
  3. Insufficient analysis of existing tasks at the design stage.
    automated information system is

Today we need a new approach, thanks to whichautomated information systems will be created. There is no novelty here, but this method consists in careful design of the system and its further implementation with the help of adequate software, rather than creating a system based on an integrated product, as it was before.

The current design failures can also beavoid using the principle called synarchic design. Briefly about him we can say the following: this is an organic combination of hierarchy and analogy in the construction of the universe.

Synarchic design - technology,allowing to create automated information systems for business, whether it is an enterprise, concern, holding, etc., where the real hierarchy of management with its phased implementation, real planning and obtaining the effect from implementation at each stage, organic integration of standard components into the system original developments.

automated information system
Moreover, synarchic design givesthe ability to master the system as a management tool from director to executor. At the same time, responsibility will not be shifted to automated systems, so the head will fully understand the origin of the information that circulates in it.

In conclusion, I want to say that both customers andsolution providers before the final choice of software for the creation of an information system, it is necessary first of all to conduct an analysis for the real need for automation, and only after that to engage in design.

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