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Raspberry summer cake: ingredients, recipe. Game "My Coffee House"

If you like browser-based computer games, thenyou definitely should like the "My Coffee House" project, because it combines all the advantages of such games. Many people in the modern world choose not to benefit from full-scale computer projects that require high performance from your machine, and from you - serious temporary investment. Their choice falls on small, but at the same time no less interesting games, such as "My Coffee House".

In this article, you will learn the basic information aboutthis project, as well as learn the recipe for one of the most difficult desserts. It's about the crimson cake "Summer", the ingredients for which many players can not pick up for a long period of time. In this article, the secret of this dessert will be revealed, and you will finally be able to add it to your menu. Well, are you ready to learn about the game "My Coffee House" and join the gamers who have already plunged into this wonderful world to cook such things as raspberry cake "Summer" and much more? Then read on!

What kind of game is it?

raspberry summer cake

Before you learn how to prepare a crimsoncake "Summer", you need to get acquainted directly with the game itself. So, this is a project that allows you to take control of a coffee shop in which you can enter new and new recipes. This is a kind of mix of cafe simulators and games like "Alchemist", where you need to combine the available ingredients to get new elements. Only in this case you will receive new dishes, which you can then sell to your visitors. This is a very exciting process, which captures everyone who starts playing "My Coffee House". Naturally, not every player from the first attempt can create a crimson cake "Summer", and now you will find out why.

Operating principle

raspberry cake recipe for summer

When you first start the game, you haveAccess only to the most basic options, such as tea or cream. Naturally, this is not too happy for your visitors, and you will not get a profit from this, so you need to immediately think about what to do next. And then you need to experiment, that is, to connect simple elements with other simple elements to get more complex elements or even full dishes. For example, if you combine tea with milk, you will get English tea. Naturally, the whole game is not built on combinations of the two simplest elements. The same goes for "Summer" raspberry cake, the recipe of which definitely does not consist of two ingredients.

Complexity of recipes

how to cook raspberry summer cake

Great emphasis in this game is made on the complexityrecipes. You can trade trivial desserts and simple options for tea and coffee, but this will not bring you any income from the coffee shop, or the pleasure of the game. Accordingly, you need to try more serious and complex combinations that will give you access to unusual and exotic dishes. This is a real test, because sometimes you have to combine five or six elements to succeed. Fortunately, in many cases you can guess what it is necessary to combine to get the desired result. For example, everyone will think that tea, combined with ice, will give you ice tea.

Naturally, dishes that includethree to four ingredients, pick up is not so simple. What can I say about those recipes that have more than five ingredients. This is exactly what the crimson cake "Summer" refers to. The recipe for this delicacy is far from as simple as one would like, so it will be given a little more time and attention.

Necessary ingredients

ingredients raspberry summer cake

If you are interested in how to cookraspberry cake "Summer", then you need to start with in order to get all the right ingredients. As mentioned earlier, this is not the easiest recipe, so you have to combine five components at once. First, you need the classic raspberry cake, which is the basic ingredient and does not require preparation. The same applies to the other ingredients that will be discussed. Secondly, you will need to take the cream and lemon. Well, and thirdly, you will need two types of ice cream at once, ordinary vanilla and strawberry ice cream. These are all ingredients for raspberry cake “Summer” that will be useful to you.

Cooking Cake

my cafe summer raspberry cake

To get in the game My Cafe raspberry cake"Summer", you need to combine specific elements. What ingredients you need, you already know - it was described above. Now it's time for you to combine them together, this is exactly how a new recipe is created in this game. After you carry out this procedure, you will have a new menu item for your coffee shop. Naturally, one can guess that without outside help, it is not so easy to choose such a recipe, because not all elements are obvious. But if you try, you can achieve the desired result. Fortunately, in the case of the Summer cake with raspberry cake, the composition of this delicacy is already well known to you, so you can immediately add it to your menu.


my cafe recipe raspberry cake summer game

In My Coffee House, which, by the way, some are notquite correctly called the game "My Cafe", the recipe for raspberry cake "Summer" is important not only in order for you to enjoy adding a new dish to your menu. The fact is that this is a very profitable action, because the price of this dessert is much higher than other options. For example, you can take an ordinary raspberry cake, on the basis of which this dish is prepared.

A serving of this cake costs only about 22 coins. This is quite small, but if you create a "Summer" cake, then you can sell it much more expensive. How much can you earn on one serving of such a dessert? Rejoice, because customers are willing to pay for it more than 150 coins, which is more than impressive. That is why you should not concentrate on simple and basic recipes, because more complex recipes will give you much more impressive profits.


Well, now you know what constitutesyourself this game, as well as how exactly in it you can cook one of the most interesting and popular desserts. Accordingly, it is time to draw conclusions. If you are not yet playing My Coffee, then you should definitely try your hand, because this project does not require much time or serious effort from you. Moreover, it is extremely undemanding on the smartphone on which you will run it.

The game is released on all major operating systems.systems, so you can download it even on Windows Phone. It remains to hope that the recipe for the raspberry "Summer" cake has pleased you, and you will want to download this game and try to make this dessert with your own hands. You will quickly realize how interesting and unusual the game is, which offers you such an exciting gameplay. Accordingly, do not delay this game for later, try to play it right now!

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