/ Do I need a download manager for a modern user?

Do I need a download manager for a modern user?

Long ago, when computers were slow, andthe speed of the Internet resembled a snail on demolitions, there was a need for special programs that could help in the difficult matter of downloading files.

It should be noted that on the computers of the majorityusers in those difficult years was the well-known and hotly cursed and to date day-site developers of IE 6 sites (on slang of advanced users - "donkey"). He broke the download of the file when the connection was broken (and they were constantly), after which he could not continue uploading. So the download manager was then absolutely necessary for everyone who wanted to get hold of at least a couple of downloaded songs from the Internet.

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And what now? Today, the speed of the Internet for many users is such that even with the use of the aforementioned "donkey" of the sixth model, you can almost instantly download even very large amounts of data. In addition, all modern browsers (and even creations from Microsoft) have a built-in download manager, sometimes differing in good quality.

And because many users are not without reasonbelieve that these programs as a separate class have completely outlived themselves. Is it so? Let's see a little more. And do all users in our country really have such a wonderful Internet speed? Suffice it to read heartbreaking messages from forums in some regions, as it becomes clear: somewhere for happiness, a stable Internet of 1 megabit is revered, on which something serious can not be downloaded. Such users (and there are many of them) need a better download manager!

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Go ahead. As for the quality of the connection, here, too, everything is not so smooth. Despite the oaths of many providers that there will be no more gaps, in fact it turns out not so. This is particularly true when a person uses the services of government providers providing access to the network using ADSL technology. In connection with the abominable quality of domestic telephone lines, the stability of the signal leaves much to be desired, and the disconnections sometimes happen with an enviable regularity. Do you think you need a download manager in this situation? The answer is obvious.

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Now let's get to the users"Alternative" operating systems. Especially to those who use the very popular Ubuntu OS today. They are also concerned with all these problems, because the specialized manager of downloads ubuntu has simply not been invented! How can they be? There is a way out in such a situation. The fact is that for the famous Firefox browser there are a lot of useful add-ons, among which there is an excellent boot manager called "DownThemAll", which has all the advantages of programs of this class.

Another important feature that forcesuse the download manager, is its multi-threading. What is it? The fact is that all boot managers are able to download the file in several threads at once, thus significantly increasing the overall download speed. Not all built-in modern browsers similar programs have this feature.

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