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Details on how to add free "OK" in "Classmates"

Today, we'll talk about how to addfree "OK" in "Classmates". This is a local monetary unit, which was created specifically for this social network. "OKi" is necessary to gain access to all kinds of internal services of the project. For this reason, the question of obtaining such elements is relevant for many users.

The main role

If we can resolve the issue of how to addfree OK in Odnoklassniki, with their help we will be able to set in messages and discussions unusual smileys, make friends gifts, get access to numerous additional services.

how to add free ok in classmates

Without additional spending

Let's look at how to get "OKs" in"Classmates" is free, and whether it is possible at the present time. First of all, it should be noted that the project in question is a commercial structure. In order for it to exist, various financial transactions must be carried out. For this reason, "OKi" - paid. You can find special programs that promise to receive this currency for free. Such applications work as a mousetrap.

Suppose we decide to establish a similar solution. Download the package, start installing it. As a result, we will see a window in which the requirement will be sent to send a paid message to a certain short number. If we try to close the alert, it appears again. To rely only on the possibility of an antivirus while working with dubious programs should not be, because some "spies" are able to bypass the protection of any level. In addition, with the help of such applications scammers can steal personal data. Most often they are requested during the installation phase. Further, personal information is used for various purposes: blocking access to accounts, extortion, distribution of advertising messages.

Honest path

get Oki in classmates for free
It should be remembered that virtual money can beonly purchase. A working solution to the question of how to add free "OK" to "Classmates" does not exist. However, there is still a way out of the situation. From time to time the administration of the site attracts volunteers to conduct all sorts of research. For active participation in such programs you can get long-awaited "OKi". Unfortunately, such actions are extremely rare. Information about them appears on the official resource of the social network. You can buy "OKi" using the vertical menu under the main photo. There is a special tab "Add money".

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