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What if the VKontakte page is hacked?

can I crack the Vkontakte page?
"VKontakte" hacked the page, what to do? Often you had to deal with such complaints from your friends and acquaintances, or, do you suspect that your account was attacked by intruders? How to determine that the VKontakte page has been hacked and, most importantly, how to be in this situation? We'll talk about all this in this article.

What are the methods of hacking?

Is it possible to hack the "VKontakte" page? In a broad sense, you can divide all hacker attacks into pages in social networks into three groups:

  • direct hacking (the selection of passwords with the help of specialized software);
  • hacking through the infection of the system (the virus, getting to your computer, redirects you to the "left page", which has nothing to do with the VKontakte site);
  • Phishing (scammers using e-mail and other sites try to find out passwords from users).

How can I tell if a VKontakte page is compromised?

To the fact that your account can get into the wrong hands, you need to be ready always. Below, we give six signs by which it is possible to recognize the presence of another

Vkontakte hacked page, what to do
faces on your page.

  1. Complaints from friends about the fact that on your behalf comes a variety of spam.
  2. Spontaneous appearance of new friends (or removal of old ones), subscribers. Wrapping "likes".
  3. Change personal information on your page (date of birth, place of work, hobbies, etc.), including changing the status.
  4. The emergence of new groups.
  5. New entries on the wall that have nothing to do with you.
  6. Receipt of messages to e-mail about changing the password (unless, of course, you yourself did not do this).

What should I do if the VKontakte page is compromised?

In case you find a suspiciousactivity in your profile of a popular social network, then, first, do not panic and pull yourself together, because nothing terrible has happened, and you can return the account. You will have to take a number of steps to make the page become yours again.

  1. We change the password for access to e-mail, to which the profile "VKontakte" is attached. Try to develop long passwords (consisting of not less than 8 characters), content symbols, letters and numbers.
  2. We change the password from the "VKontakte" page. This is done in the "My Settings" section. In the "General" tab we find the section "Changing the password" and, adhering to the recommendations described in point # 1, we assign a new symbol protection.
  3. Make sure that the page is still tied to your mobile number
    hacked page Vkontakte?
    phone. You can also check it in the section "My settings", in the "General" tab.
  4. Customize the page. We delete the "left" posts, from nowhere appeared friends, subscribers. The same thing should be done with applications that you did not install, but they still have you, and groups / communities.
  5. We check the computer using antivirus software for viruses. It is better to use several means for reliability.
  6. We notify friends and acquaintances of the hacking of the page.

So, now you know what to do if the "VKontakte" page is hacked. We hope that this information will be useful to you at the most crucial moment.

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