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Work in "Beauty Boutique": employee feedback on the employer

Today we will try to figure out whatfor an employer such, this "Beauty Boutique". Reviews of employees, its activities, as well as the opinion of visitors about this company will be presented to our attention. In fact, these are very important moments that you can only imagine. The thing is that taking into account these indicators, the company's prestige is formed, as well as the desire of outsiders to become new employees of the company. So, let's get down to business as soon as possible.

beauty boutique staff reviews

What does he do?

To begin with, we will study the activities of the company "Beauty Boutique". Reviews about the employer we learn a little later. In the meantime, we will add a general idea of ​​the activities of the corporation.

What are we dealing with? With the largest system of island-type stores that manufacture and sell different cosmetics and perfumes. "Beauty Boutique", reviews of which we are learning today, is the place where you can easily and simply buy what you need. And, according to the advertisement, at quite reasonable prices.

But is it really all right? What do employees think about this employer, as well as the customers themselves? This is what we have to learn now. So let's get to the point as quickly as possible.

Manager (remote)

Let's start, perhaps, with the fact that "Beauty Boutique" reviewsemployees begin to receive more and more with respect to some specific vacancies. And now the most popular among them is the remote sales manager. What is his duty and what does he do? Let's try to figure this out.

beauty boutique reviews staff moscow

If you are a remote manager forsales, then, as many employees say, you have to find customers and promote the goods of digging through the Internet. More precisely - to help people make orders with the help of an online store. As a payment for work such employees receive a small salary (about 9,000 rubles) plus interest from sales.

Work in "Beauty Boutique" staff reviewsconcerning the given vacancy receives very much even positive. After all, a remote sales manager can work for 2-3 hours a day, and earn an income of about 25-30 thousand rubles. Depending on sales. In addition, such an employee has the opportunity to combine this vacancy with the main place of work. It is very convenient and practical.

Salesman in the store

Also "Beauty Boutique" reviews of employees (Moscow andother large cities) gets very good and relatively a sales manager at "points" and in stores. The thing is that this vacancy is not much different from its "remote colleague". Is that the schedule and place of work.

beauty boutique reviews of the employer

Shops and outlets of our today'scompanies are available in many major cities. And their employees are very satisfied with their activities. If you are a sales manager, then you will actually have to sell the products of the store, and also provide advice to customers and give them advice on the purchase of a particular product.

In fact, "Beauty Boutique" staff reviews(Moscow and other cities) collects extremely positive. The sales manager in the store, as a rule, works with people, and "nonsense". And if a person still knows his business, then the customers will be happy. And this plays an important role. Of course, no one wants to serve a capricious and forever all disgruntled client. But from this no one is immune. Fortunately, such cases are extremely rare. And so the work here is not only profitable (salary + bonuses), but also very calm, measured and successful. What else do you need to build a career? Probably, this is enough to be happy to go to work every day without delay. Only this moment is not the only one that "Beauty Boutique" is famous for. Reviews about the employer this can be found on many sites, "otzovikov." And each of them highlights some peculiarity of the company. Let's see what we can face.

work in beauty boutique staff reviews


In truth, many people find jobspromise career growth. And with all this in fact it is not. Employees can "sit" for several years in the same place, and then leave the post. Usually this happens after realizing that no career growth is foreseen.

But here's feedback from employees about the company "BeautyBoutique ", frankly, they say that you are really given the opportunity to build your own career, especially to remote sales managers, for example, each such employee has the opportunity to combine a job with another profession, but that's not all.

You can get the work of selectingnew staff. The salary here is 15 000 rubles + premium. And the tasks are all again performed through the Internet. Usually this placement of ads, as well as sending ready-made instructions to potential employees. In general, the "dust-free" work. You can say that everyone has the opportunity to take a managerial position. Thus, "Beauty Boutique" employee reviews are extremely positive about career growth. But what else should be emphasized from all the said opinions? Let's try to figure this out.

staff reviews about the company beauty boutique

Working conditions

In many stores, and even more so on manyInternet sites, work requires a very large effort. Especially if you work with makeup. After all, there are a lot of different competitors at each cosmetics store. And the success of the company's functioning depends on the working conditions. Only here "Beauty Boutique" reviews employees regarding this indicator is extremely positive.

The point is that at the trade points of eachthe sales manager has a comfortable working schedule, as well as a stable lunch break. In addition, many shops have a computer, so you can "kill time" while waiting for customers. And it sometimes helps a lot.

Plus, every sales managerThere is an excellent opportunity to work on the schedule 2/2 or 5/2, as well as in shifts. Usually a working day lasts from 9am to 5-6pm. This is very convenient, and also this move is good for the work of employees. But remote managers generally have a free schedule. And their earnings depend on the issued orders. As a rule, all this is very favorable for the overall picture of the company's activities.

beauty boutique employee reviews


Also worth paying attention to colleagues,which are present in the workplace. After all, they are often able to form an opinion about a particular company. "Beauty Boutique" reviews employees in this area, to be honest, gets very different. And now we have to figure out why this is happening.

It's all about the fact that those workers whoare on equal terms, as a rule, are friends with each other. And do not compete. But here to the interns the attitude is a little different. Shops "Beauty Boutique" have so-called make-up centers and express-manicure. And just here between trainees and sales managers there is a huge competition. Often, customers simply "take" from the nose of young and "inexperienced" employees. And this does not please. Many interns because of such moments leave the post and are looking for other jobs.


Now it's time to sum up ourtoday's conversation. To be honest, many describe the activities of the company "Beauty Boutique" rather positively. Of course, nowhere does it do without its minuses, but there are very few of them.

beauty boutique work reviews

"Beauty Boutique" reviews employees receivesambiguous, but overall good. Usually the negative can be heard from trainees and new employees who are only trained in the work process. So, if you plan to work in this place, then do not be afraid. Through a similar "school of life" pass all. The main thing is to have a desire to work. And then you will have a chance of success.

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