/ What is the most respected profession in modern Russia?

What is the most respected profession in modern Russia?

Long ago, what a man makes his living,was considered a part of his world, an important element of status, position in society. Occupation determines the inner world of personality. Is it possible to say unequivocally what is the most respected profession? Much depends on the state of society, on the leading ideology. How much education is valued and respected.

For example, what was the most respected profession in the USSR?

the most respected profession
Engineer, doctor, teacher ... Intellectuals, especially scientific and technical, although they did not earn much, but enjoyed authority. In our time, priorities have changed, and few people sincerely and purposefully go to a pedagogical or technical university. In Europe it was a little different. A lawyer, a notary, an entrepreneur-the most respected profession in a post-bourgeois society-made it possible first of all to earn well. Now, alas, we are just as different from both Europe and the United States, where it is prestigious to be a scientific or medical worker. Where doctors are engaged in private practice, and in budgetary hospitals it is possible to earn, if not very much, then enough for a normal life.

What is the most respected profession for Russians these days?

what profession is most in demand
What does youth want to become? With the development of capitalism, entrepreneurial qualities and occupation became increasingly appreciated, allowing one to open his business. At the same time, education is not so important as grip, wit, perspective thinking, ability to negotiate. And in universities this is not taught. According to the statistics of receipts and competitions in universities and institutes, it is difficult to say unambiguously which profession is most in demand. You can refer to the European experience. For example, in Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, highly skilled programmers are required. Hence, the most respected profession from this point of view is connected with information technology. Demand is also for doctors and nurses. In Russia, nurses or nurses earn several times less than their counterparts in Europe. A similar situation exists with scientific workers. On the one hand, the cult of knowledge and education has always been strong in Russia.
what professions are there
But on the other hand, young people, considering whichthere are jobs and what can be done in the future, takes into account the prospects for earning. And they are insignificant for scientific personnel in Russia. Even professors and heads of departments can hardly ensure the existence of their family.

What properties should the mosta respected profession in order to be considered? First of all, status. That is, a person engaged in a certain type of activity is perceived and evaluated often through the prism of his profession. In Russian society, for example, jurisprudence is considered to be prestigious. Secondly, social guarantees and opportunities to earn money are extremely important. And here, too, you can see certain shifts. For example, if formerly servicemen or FSB officers were financially provided with all sorts of benefits, rather than high salaries, now the situation has changed. But the profession of "businessman", which in Soviet times was considered something almost indecent and certainly not quite legal, is now returning its status. People stopped hoping for state support and increasingly rely on themselves and their forces.

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