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Diplomat is a profession for the best

Among the many modern specialties inTimes stood out a diplomat - a profession that is surrounded by a train of mystery and inaccessibility. There are many stereotypes associated with this activity, one of which is the view that the life of a diplomat consists exclusively of travel and adventure. In fact, this is a difficult daily work, which not everyone can cope with. In order to become a diplomat, you need to have certain qualities, as well as be prepared to overcome many obstacles on the career ladder.

What qualities are needed

They say that a diplomat is a profession to be born with, because most of the career success depends on personal characteristics. So, to become a successful diplomat, you need:

  • have a wonderful memory and knowledgepractically in all spheres, because diplomatic information is obtained not only during communication with people in an official setting, but also in many different situations;
  • to be able to catch the slightest nuances of conversation, because the right understanding of the subtext depends on the possibility of analyzing foreign policy;
  • be able to control their emotions, have a certain tact, and also closely monitor the slightest changes in the development of technology and in the surrounding world;
  • understand that, despite the fact that much depends on the inherent personal qualities, no less important is the willingness to work hard to reach the top in the career.
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Thus, in order to be sure,that a diplomat is a profession in which you can succeed, you need to realize that you need years of study and practice to achieve your goal.

When the profession of diplomat appeared

Despite the fact that the modern nameactivity appeared relatively recently, the history of the diplomat's profession dates back to the origins of the state formation. The need to possess oratorical art and rhetoric at a high level, which were appreciated in ancient times, has survived in modern times. It is necessary to be a successful diplomat, combining knowledge of the subtleties of psychology and excellent command of several languages.

How to become a diplomat

In order to obtain this specialty,need a long and hard work in school time. This is due to the fact that the diplomat is a profession that assumes knowledge in many subjects. First of all, this is an excellent command of several languages, of which English is a must. In addition, you need confident knowledge of history, geography, and the Russian language.

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If your choice is the profession of a diplomat, whereteach this specialty after school - the question is quite urgent. Higher education can be obtained at universities, the main of which in this direction are the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and MGIMO. You can also master the specialty in other universities of the country at the faculties of international relations, world politics and the world economy.

Then you can go on a careerladder with increasing rank and wages. The first step will be the rank of attaché, then the third, second and first secretary. The highest rank in many countries is the post of ambassador appointed by the head of state personally.

What are the duties of a diplomat

Diplomat - a profession that involveswide range of responsibilities. He participates in international companies, peacekeeping missions, solves issues of both domestic and foreign policy, deals with the resolution of international conflicts, disputes, establishes international relations and much more.

profession diplomat pluses minuses

In addition, the diplomat deals with issuesmigration, which are related to obtaining visas, citizenship and residence permits. That is why he must know well the legislation of not only his country, but also that in which he carries out his professional activity.

Numerous trips and business trips are an integral part of the diplomatic service. Therefore, it is extremely important to have good health indicators and emotional stability.

Advantages of a diplomat's profession

Like any other type of activity, it involvesprofession diplomat pluses, minuses, which must be carefully studied, before making a decision about choosing a specialty. The undoubted advantages of this work include:

  • prestige;
  • high profit payment;
  • carrying out of labor activity abroad;
  • diplomatic inviolability.

This number of advantages for many is decisive when choosing this prestigious profession, which involves many opportunities for successful work.

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Disadvantages of the profession

Despite the seeming ideality of the specialty at first glance, there is in the profession of a diplomat and minuses, which for many can become significant. These include:

  • complexity of work;
  • high requirements;
  • the need to constantly improve their knowledge;
  • irregular working schedule;
  • big competition.

In addition, work abroad, which firstseems to be an absolute plus, can become a serious problem. Not everyone can be away from their homes for years, and perhaps families. Thus, before making a firm decision on choosing a diplomat's profession, you must carefully weigh all the pros and cons.


One of the main advantagesprofession diplomat, - salary, which is one of the highest among state employees across the country. In addition, this work involves promotion in the service, and hence, wages.

Foreign Ministry employees receive from 20 to 150 thousand rubles. If you go on a business trip abroad, the fee will be increased several times.

profession diplomat salary

In addition to high wages, a significant plus is the availability of a large number of benefits, which mainly apply to persons who work abroad.

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