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Vertex: employee feedback on the employer

So, today we have to find out how muchA good place for employment is a company called Vertex. Feedback from employees about the employer will help to clarify the situation to the full. Fortunately, before the cooperation each applicant is able to understand how good the boss will be in charge of the work activity. What should I look for? Are the citizens satisfied with the cooperation with Vertex?


The first step is to understand which corporation is involved. More precisely, what she does. This feature plays an important role for many applicants.

vertex employee feedback

OOO Vertex is nothing more than a pharmaceutical company. It produces a variety of products for medical purposes. No more outside activities. It carries out its work for many years, is distributed throughout Russia and is in high demand.

It is impossible to say with certainty that Vertex LLC- it's scammers. The firm really is, it works, pleases customers with its products, and also places a lot of vacancies for employment. But is it worth it to contact this employer? On what features will have to pay attention?

About employment and registration

For example, the fact that the work in Vertex staff reviews (SPB - the city in which the head office of the corporation is located) does not earn the best for the nuances associated with the design of employees.

Someone says that everyoneare employed according to the laws established in Russia, an entry is made in the work book, and contracts are concluded with applicants. And some accuse "Vertex" in the absence of officiality of registration of labor relations.

In fact, some time without a contract will have to work. It's about training at the expense of the company. Only after a small internship, all subordinates are offered to formally form.

Vertex phone


"Vertex" (St. Petersburg) earnsUnusual feedback for the organization of training. Pleases its presence, but here are the tasks to be performed by some of the applicants cause suspicion of bad faith of the future boss. Why?

The period of internship and training is not paid,there are no documents on employment, and the same functions as the other employees of Vertex have to be performed. Therefore, someone says that study allows you to assess their abilities and skills, and someone accuses the corporation of using applicants as a free workforce.


"Vertex" staff reviews positive typealmost always receives for the work team. Work in a friendly and cohesive society. Here, newcomers are happily welcomed, supporting them in every possible way. Conflicts are rare, they are trying to solve in the shortest possible time.

Of course, the human factor is to insureyou can not. Therefore, in "Vertéks" sometimes there are not the most friendly colleagues. But basically in the company energetic, kind and active people prevail.

overt vertex

The bosses

About the leaders of "Vertex" not at the bestlight. However, like most employers, subordinates are simply not happy with their superiors. They say that it is difficult to agree with the leaders in the firm. More precisely, it is possible to do this only in isolated cases.

Agreeing to work in Vertex, you canprepare for an unjust attitude on the part of the authorities. The subordinates are literally considered to be slaves, which can be loaded with work all the time. Of course, if there is overtime, it will not be paid.

Only a few say that with a conscientious attitude to the tasks performed, you can achieve the favor of leaders. This phenomenon is a rarity.


"Vertex" reviews employees of a negative type for information about the earnings in the organization. He, if we believe in numerous opinions, does not please his subordinates very much.

It is noted that even at the interview stageApplicants promise high profits. In fact, it will not. Instead of high earnings, not the biggest salary is required. And he, as a rule, is detained. The prospect of an increase in profits is not.

vertex st. petersburg

But occasionally you can find reviews that indicateon a large salary in "Vertec". Trust such posts do not cause. Nevertheless, neither negative reviews nor positive ones are confirmed by anything. This fact must be taken into account by each applicant.

Employee Stories

Vertex often receives feedback in whichworkers speak of the employer's dishonesty. Why? The fact is that very often the phone "Vertex" is indicated as mobile in the ad. That is, the contacts for the appointment of the interview are very doubtful. But this does not repel many.

Someone says that in "Vertex" with people,who have worked for 5-10 years at the enterprise, talk impolitely. They are threatened with dismissal, no one clings to the employees who came to the company. Unfortunately, some former employees emphasize that earlier in "Vertecks" everything was different. The described, but unconfirmed chaos, started a few years ago.

The exact Vertex phone is 8 812 329 30 41. This contact can be used to contact the company's management and to find out about vacant places for employment.

Results and conclusions

From now on it is clear what "Vertex" is. Reviews of employees about this corporation are left diverse. There are good, and not very good. It is often possible to find a firm in the employers' blacklists.

work in vertex employee feedback

It should be taken into account that neither positive nornegative feedback about the employer is not confirmed. Therefore, we can conclude that "Vertex" - an ordinary boss with its shortcomings. It is clearly not worth to be afraid of cooperation with the company.

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