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Many people think that the marketing manager is aday deals with what makes people buy things they do not really need. However, this is a very erroneous opinion, because the need for very many useful products reaches us, ordinary consumers, only with the competent work of this specialist.

Marketing manager for a company in whichworks, is one of the key figures that ensure the success of her marketing policies. Just do not think that he is sitting in the chair all day and is just studying the figures. On the contrary, due to the specifics of their work, the people of this profession have to walk a lot and travel in order to obtain the most reliable information from the source.

For example, when working in a company on wholesalesales manager, marketing manager, whose duties - purchase of prototypes and price analysis, spend a lot of time on business trips, because the goods that he is going to sell can be in the opposite region of the country. A competent manager creates a concept for the promotion of goods before starting the sale process, chooses promotion and advertising policy, because with the wrong marketing organization, even the most popular and best goods will not be sold. That is why today many respectable companies pay so much attention to the selection of candidates for this position.

The marketing and advertising manager can work in thethe most diverse spheres, whether it be the automobile business, the food industry, stores, social networks, oil companies and so on. His duties include managing the sales and commercial activities of the company where he works. And for this, he needs to thoroughly study the tastes and needs of the potential consumer, and then start developing a pricing policy based on the data obtained, and in the course of the work, forming at the same time the assortment. Because the increase in the profit of any enterprise is directly related to the influx of new customers. That's why the main responsibility of the marketing manager is to carry out the correct advertising of the company. Even such an insignificant detail as a design change or an attractive form of a product can increase or, conversely, reduce demand.

What skills should a marketing manager have?

First, he must have the necessaryknowledge of technologies for the promotion of goods, be able to monitor the current market, as well as monitor sales dynamics, analyze price proposals and competitive environment, participate in pricing, correctly planogram, organize advertising campaigns, etc. The marketing manager should be very flexible, because he is not an ordinary advertising agent, redistributing orders, but the person who lives in reality feels the market and can use for his purpose various tools from advertising, marketing and PR technologies. After all, effective advertising and competent marketing in the interests of the company - this is also, in some ways, investment in business, and investment, as a rule, is the business of professionals. That's why modern executives so appreciate experienced marketers.

The profitability of a particular business does not depend onthe minimum of resources or material investment, it depends on the work of a specialist in the promotion of goods or services, more specifically - the advertising manager. He, and only he, must create effective advertising, audit the company's advertising, create firm standards and create corporate culture, and also have the opportunity to analyze the market through the eyes of a buyer, partner, supplier or dealer.

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