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Bold style and star cast: "Dorian Gray" by Oliver Parker

Lovers of mystical thrillers probably heardabout the film "Dorian Gray" by Oliver Parker. The main roles in the film were performed by famous actors. "Dorian Gray" was a breakthrough in the career of young actress Rachel Hard Wood. Other stars who have played in the film are Colin Firth, Ben Barnes and Fiona Shaw.


Work on the picture began in 2008. For the implementation of the project took Oliver Parker, before that engaged in screen versions of Shakespeare's works. In June 2008, the casting of Dorian Gray was completed. Actors and roles were approved, and the shooting process began. Filming took place in London and its environs and ended in October of the same year.


The role of Dorian Gray was performed by the young British actor Ben Barnes, the star of the fantastic film "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" and the adventure fantasy of Matthew Vaughn "Star Dust."

Actors "Dorian Gray"

The roles of Henry Wotton, Dorian's mentor, and hissweetheart Sibylla performed by Colin Firth and Rachel Hard-Wood - famous Hollywood actors. "Dorian Gray" has become a significant film in their career. Colin Firth avid movie fans know the pictures "Pride and Prejudice", "Shakespeare in Love", "Girl with a Pearl Earring". Rachel Hard Wood won popularity thanks to the horror "Solomon Kane" by Michael Basset and the thriller "Perfume" by Tom Tykwer.

Ben Chaplin played Basil Holluord - talentedan artist who, struck by the youth and beauty of Dorian, writes his portrait. A small role was played by Fiona Shaw, the star of Harry Potter films. Rebecca Hall, who performed the role of the last love of the protagonist, is another star of Dorian Gray. The film actors made a strong mystical thriller, from which, thanks to their game, it's hard to break away. Theatrical actress Emilia Fox and the aspiring actor Max Irons also received small roles in the film.


Young naive guy Dorian Gray moves toLondon from the province. He gets acquainted with the artist Basil Holluord, who, wishing to forever capture the unusual beauty of the young man, undertook to write his portrait. Another friend of Dorian, Lord Henry Wotton, a supporter of a free way of life, fascinates the guy with his subtle mind and unusual cynicism. Gradually, Dorian is imbued with the ideas of Lord Wotton, and the main goal of his life is the search for pleasures.

"Dorian Gray" actors and roles

Seeing his own portrait, the young man understands that he is ready to do anything to remain forever as attractive. But Dorian's dream is mysteriously realized, and the payment for it is his soul.

Features of the plot

Fans of Oscar Wilde's work are not worth itcount on a detailed adaptation of the English classics. Although the plot is based on the novel "Dorian Gray," many details, characters and storylines are the fruit of the fantasy of writer Toby Finlay. For example, there was no love line between Dorian Gray and Emily Wotton in the original, the final of the picture itself was changed somewhat.

If in the novel "Portrait of Dorian Gray" OscarWilde's emphasis was on the parable itself, the creators brought action and entertainment to the film, and dramatic talent actors. "Dorian Gray" was the first psychological thriller in the career of Rachel Hard Wood.


Despite the fact that the main roles performedfamous actors, "Dorian Gray" has not won the approval of critics. The reviews were mixed. Many critics noted that the director too deviated from the source, and this did not go well for the picture. However, all noted that the undoubted advantage of the film - well-chosen actors.

"Dorian Gray" film, actors

"Dorian Gray" has collected at the box office a little more than $ 22 million, and not least thanks to the participation in the film of the famous Hollywood stars. No awards were awarded.

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