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The best international actors. "Hannah. Perfect Weapons »

British extremely promising film director Joe Wright in 2010 decided to try himself in the genre of a raucous action blockbuster with chases and shootings.

The history of the universal soldier

After the pastoral "Atonement" and "Pride andprejudice "Joe Wright shoots a futuristic action movie" Hannah. The perfect weapon. " Actors and roles in the film were chosen by the characters to each other under the vigilant control of the director. Unceasingly using his famous super-long plans, Joe Wright told the story of a small, versatile soldier who, despite the abundance of action scenes, the cannonade of shots and rushing races, still looks like an art house.

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Perfect warrior

The main role of the girl who grew up in the taiga remote placesand turned by a man calling himself her father, through hard training in the ideal soldier, was performed by Irish actress Sirsha Ronan. An accomplished elven appearance, the young singer has an impressive professional experience, before participating in the project of Joe Wright, she performed the main roles in the exemplary author's cinema of Peter Jackson's "Lovely Bones" and the military drama "Atonement". Two-time nominee for the Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe were taken seriously by all adult colleagues-actors. "Hannah. Perfect Weapons "confirmed the statement of foreign film critics that Ronan is ideal in the image of a heroine - a self-contained loner, impenetrable to a foreign view. Such actresses are adored by many directors, for example, the brothers Dardenne or Jean-Pierre Genet.

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In the work of Wright, Sirsch easily overplayed andThe plot without any special intricacies, and even Eric Bana - only one of ours is present. Her natural photogenic was admired not only by the director who loves the large, prolonged plans, but also by all the actors involved in the production. "Hannah. Perfect Weapon "is considered one of the most significant paintings in the filmography of the actress.

Ex-time traveler

Hannah's father played a well-deserved "traveler intime "Australian film actor Eric Bana. His talent was appreciated by all the participants of the shooting process: the director, the crew, the actors. "Hannah. Perfect Weapon "became the 23rd picture in his filmography. The first recognition among leading film critics Eric won in 2000, after participating in the production of a biographical thriller "A View from Within". Afterwards there were no less successful roles in the paintings "Black Hawk", "Troy", "Hulk", "Munich" and, of course, "The Time Traveler's Wife".

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In Joe Wright's film, the actor played immaculately, surprised by the physical form in a fight with one of the villains staged in the style of sloumo. Culminating episode with his participation is worth a storm of applause.

An antagonist is an FBI agent

The actors of the film "Hannah. Perfect Weapons "tried to the best of their professionalism and talent, but the main antagonist of the picture - an agent of the FBI Marissa, performed by the unfading Cate Blanchett, deserves special attention. According to movie experts, the heroine of the Australian actress in the artful hands of the director has absorbed a lot of features of all known images of FBI agents in the history of the film industry. Her name is considered to be a reference to Clarissa Starling from the canonical "Silence of the Lambs", the laying to Dana Scully of the "X-Files", and the style of behavior and manner of communication - to the hero of Tommy Lee Jones in "The Fugitive." In addition to reviewers, these facts were also noticed by actors.

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"Hannah. Perfect weapon "for the actress, who managed to appear in 40 tapes for the whole creative path and to play in 20 theatrical productions, became a curious experiment. Previously, the Australian singer was skeptical about the roles in the paintings of this genre. The owner of numerous awards and prizes (Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA) is known to a wide audience for the films "I'm Not There", "Jasmine", "Elizabeth" and "Aviator".

Separate episodes involving Cate Blanchett in Wright's production are recognized by film critics as one of the most witty movie theaters of our time.

Parade of British actors

They starred in the movie "Hannah. Perfect weapon "actors, the list of which is a gallery of fine English performers in episodic and second-sided roles.

  • In the hypostasis of a model sadistic villainthe brilliant British actor Tom Hollander, known for the ribbons "Boyfriend from the future", "Something about March", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Good Year" and "Soloist."

hanna perfect weapons actors list [1]

  • Olivia Williams ("The Sixth Sense", "The Postman", ""Academy Rushmore"), along with charismatic Jason Fleming ("Cards, money, two trunks", "Lost Christmas", "Red Violin") played the role of liberal English parents trying to curb the resort of their dissolute daughter, whose role was played by Jessica Barden, the most brilliant petaushnitsa from the "Irresistible Tamara". And also the filmography of Barden is decorated with the films "Psychic", "Falling", "Scary stories".
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