/ How to draw Pinocchio beautifully?

How to draw Pinocchio beautifully?

Before you draw the Pinocchio, let'stry to figure out what kind of character it is and how it differs from the overseas Pinocchio. First, the hero of our fairy tale is a kind, sympathetic and cheerful boy from the very beginning of history. Pinocchio becomes good at the very end of the narrative. Secondly, Buratino's nose is always the same length. In Pinocchio, he becomes more if he lies. Thirdly, the character of our fairy tale has many friends, and as he travels, only more becomes.

how to draw a pinot

Important place

Therefore, it is impossible to imagine howDraw Pinocchio without friends. His good friends are Harlequin, the sad Pierrot, the cutie Malvina and her clever poodle Artemon. Wise Turtle Tortilla also compliments this restless good boy.

This all distinguishes him from the overseas Pinocchio,who does not know how to be friends at all. Buratino is much kinder and more open than his foreign counterpart. Therefore, to draw our hero fairy tales should be cheerful, smiling, with fervent views and friends on the sides.

What do we need?

To create an image, we needlandscape paper, two simple pencils (one semi-hard, another soft), an eraser. If you want to get a picture in color, then you should also prepare brushes, paints, a palette and a jar of water. And now more about how to draw Pinocchio in pencil step by step.

Action first

We will portray our fairy-tale character with friends - the melancholy sad Pierrot and the beautiful woman with blue Malvina hair.

how to draw a pinot pencil step by step
Draw on paper several match people: a couple of ordinary, and the future girl, of course, in a skirt. This is Malvina, and she always went in pretty dresses.

The second action

To the heroes of our sketch we finish the bodies, hands,legs, head. Of course, how to draw Pinocchio, if not in a bell and with a golden key in his hands. Malvina is represented holding a handkerchief in peas, in a tone to hair. Pierrot will be with a bouquet of flowers.

Action third

Extremely attentive to what inOur fairy-tale heroes are dressed, for in our drawing they dance with joy. It is very important to convey correctly the movements that they carry out. Therefore, you need to clearly and in the right places draw the folds of clothing and its shape, buttons, hats, shoes and other small things. It is necessary that, looking at the picture with a cursory glance, one could understand that the children are happy.

Step Four

We have only a little left, but this is a very important detail - the faces of the heroes. How to draw Pinocchio without a face? No way.

how to draw Pinocchio and Malvina
Therefore, we depict a long nose and other features. It seems that everything is ready, we look at our picture with the last glance, add the clothes of shadows. To our heroes are not hanging in the air, we pretend to be green grass under the foot.

Step Five

It must be performed only if you want to paint a picture. Take the brush and carefully, step by step, revive our drawing. From above, add the strokes of the folds and, of course, the shadows.


Here's how to draw Pinocchio and Malvina, as well as their friend Pierrot.

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