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A. N. Tolstoy. "Golden Key": a short summary for the readers' diary

This famous work, known to everyone withthe very childhood, wrote a remarkable Russian Soviet writer, who lived between 1883 and 1945 - A. Tolstoy. "The Golden Key, or the Adventures of Pinocchio" is a story-tale, which immediately appealed to both adults and children, and according to critics, it has become a sort of monument to the spiritual traditions of Soviet culture. The only drawback was only in its secondary to the "Pinocchio" Carlo Collodi.

golden key short for the readers diary

A. Tolstoy. "The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Pinocchio"

And it all began with the fact that, being in exile in1923, Alexei Nikolaevich began to engage in literary processing in Russian works about a wooden doll. Then the writer abandoned this case for as long as ten years, and only in 1934 again returned to the tale. At this time he recovered from myocardial infarction. And at first he accurately and scrupulously translated the plot of this famous Italian fairy tale, but gradually she became so carried away that she created her original with the history of the hearth on the canvas and the secret golden key.

And here it is necessary to note, beforeto start a brief retelling of the content: A. Tolstoy's Golden Key after its processing began to sound quite different, because Kololdi's original fairy tale carried morality and guidance, and this, according to Tolstoy, made it a little fresh and boring. Alexei Nikolaevich with the blessing of S. Ya. Marshak breathed into his heroes the spirit of risky adventurous adventures and fun. At the end of the summer of 1935 the work was completed and dedicated to his wife LI Krestinskaya (Tolstoy).

A. N. Tolstoy "The Golden Key": a brief summary for the readers' diary. Positive and negative characters.

The action of the tale takes place in a smallan Italian town located somewhere on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. But before you start the topic "Golden Key": a short summary for the readers' diary ", we'll get acquainted with his main characters.

Positive: Pinocchio is a wooden doll; Papa Carlo is an organ-grinder; Giuseppe is a carpenter and friend of Carlo; Malvina is a girl with blue hair; Artemon is a poodle of Malvina; Piero is a sad poet, suffering from an unrequited love for Malvina; Harlequin is a buffoon; Turtle Tortila - inhabitant of the pond, gave the golden key of Pinocchio; Talking Cricket - a resident of the closet and predicted Pinocchio fate.

Negative heroes: Karabas Barabas - manager of the puppet theater; Fox Alice and Cat Basilio are beggars and scammers; Duramar is a catcher and seller of leeches.

 but a thick golden key or the adventures of Pinocchio


The summary of the work "The Golden Key"you can start with the fact that once an old carpenter Giuseppe presented to his friend, the poor organ-grinder Carlo, an amazing log, speaking in a human voice. And he, after a moment's thought, cut out a wooden man with a long nose, and then made a blouse out of a piece of paper and gave him a wonderful name - Pinocchio. Sharmanshik took him as his own son and decided to send the boy to school. But for this it was necessary to have an alphabet. For this, Carlo sold his jacket. But Pinocchio was a disobedient boy and even managed to offend the speaking cricket in the little room under the stairs. Coming out on the street, Buratino immediately sold his ABC, went to the cashier and bought a ticket for a puppet theatrical performance, which was called "Thirty-three cuffs". But it broke down due to the fact that the dolls Piero and Harlequin recognized Buratino.

short content of the work golden key

Evil Karabas

Summary of the story of the thick "Goldenkey "continues that the owner of the puppet theater, bearded and wicked Karabas Barabas, became very angry with Pinocchio and wanted to throw him into a bonfire for the roast. But Pinocchio was not afraid of anything and even admitted to him that in the closet his father Carlo has not a real hearth, but a painted one. Karabas suddenly raspihalsya and matched, for this information he gave Buratino five gold coins and asked that Carlo did not go anywhere from his closet.

Field of Dreams

After Pinocchio went home and along the roadmet two fraudsters - the lame fox Alice and the blind cat Basilio, before which the naive boy decided to boast of his gold coins. And they immediately suggested that he go to the Land of Fools and bury money on the mysterious Field of Miracles. They promised that in the morning a tree would grow up, strewn with money, and Pinocchio could get rich. But then they, disguised as robbers, attacked him. A stupid boy was forced to hide money in his mouth, then they hung him in the tree with his head down, in the hope that soon he would drop them himself.

a short story of a thick golden key

Malvina and Artemon

But soon Pinocchio found and released Malvina andher poodle Artemon. They escaped from the evil master Karabas, because he cruelly treated the dolls. The girl saw that Buratino was rude and neotesan, and decided to raise him, putting him in the closet. But the bat helped him out, and he again met Alice and Basilio. Sneaky friends again go to the Field of Miracles, which in fact turned out to be a dirty city dump.

Buratino buried money and waited, but immediatelyran police bulldogs, sent by scammers, grabbed Pinocchio and dropped it into a pond. But the wooden man surfaced and even received a gift from the Turtle Tortilla - the old inhabitant of the pond - the golden key. The summary for the readers' diary can be continued by using this magic key to open a door that would make anyone happy. Only the turtle forgot which one.

brief retelling of the contents of the golden key

Universal happiness

Returning home, Pinocchio saves the runawayPierrot, followed by police bulldogs, and leads him to Malvina. And then Pinocchio accidentally overhears the conversation between Duramar and Karabas and learns that Papa Carlo has a door in his closet behind an old canvas that a golden key can open. The summary for the readers' diary on this is coming to an end. As a result, Pinocchio collects all his friends-dolls, leads to the closet, opens the treasured door, and they enter the magic theater. And Karabas Barabas remains with nothing and literally sits in a puddle.

Hence the conclusion is that,that in all times good has conquered evil. A fairy tale teaches children to be educated, polite, friendly and not greedy. The main character of Pinocchio eventually turned out to be a faithful companion, who saved his friends from the greedy and insidious Karabas. The golden key in this tale became a symbol of freedom for good dolls, and for the evil Karabas Barabas - the way to wealth.

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