/ How to draw bird feather quickly and beautifully?

How to draw bird feather quickly and beautifully?

In the old days, bird feathers were verypopular, because writers used only them to create their masterpieces, dipping the tip of the pen in the inkwell. It looks very beautiful and elegant, but how to draw a pen in stages? An inexperienced artist may think that the task is complicated, because the subject consists of small details, but this is an appearance. The work is simple, the child will cope with it.

how to draw a feather

How to draw a pen is realistic?

This lesson is easy to repeat, the main thing is not to mix up the sequence of points. At the output is a very realistic and beautiful bird feather. So, we proceed:

  • First, on the sheet of paper, mark the core - the base of the drawing. Label it as a light and slightly curved line.
  • The second component of the drawing was a fan. Mark with a light line its contour around the rod. The form of the fan down from the top down initially gently and gently expands, and towards the end sharply becomes acute. Now the line can be made more realistic by pressing the pencil harder.
  • Now proceed to draw feathers. They should have a slightly noticeable bend in the middle. Do not forget how to draw a feather realistically: the hairs are drawn from the tips to the stem (unlike animal hair and human hair that is drawn from the roots to the tips).
  • Erase the outer contours of the fan and replace them with abrupt light lines.
  • Intensively tint the feathers. Do not forget to darken the space at the bar. The drawing is ready!

how to draw a pen in stages

Can the child draw a pen?

Every child can cope with thetask, most importantly - it is understandable to explain to him how to draw a pen. Of course, realistic drawing for kids will not work, so we teach them a schematic depiction of bird feathers. Let's start:

  • Draw the base of the pen - an oval, located vertically.
  • Line the oval into two equal parts - this is the rod.
  • From the rod in different directions draw a lot of small lines.
  • Between the lines (selective) draw a few small triangles and erase the line from the fan.
  • Draw the bottom of the rod to make it wider.
  • Color the pen in gray, and the rod - in brown. The work is over!
    how to draw a bird feather feather

How to draw a Firebird feather?

A feather of the beautiful Firebird beauty drawvery simple. Take a piece of paper, a pencil and get creative! To begin with, of course, draw a rod. It consists of two lines (inside the hollow) and is bent in two places - in the middle and near the end. At the end of the feather we paint an inverted heart - the distinctive sign of the Firebird as a character. Next, we outline the fan as in the first lesson (we considered how to draw a feather realistically). Inside the inverted heart on the end of the rod, we represent yet another inverted heart. On the outside of the first heart, paint it with a halo - it's a burning feather! Since the feathers of the Firebird radiate a great deal of light around itself, a beautiful light shines around the picture in dotted lines. The pen of the fairy-tale character is painted!

Thanks to such simple drawing lessons you can occupy yourself and your children at your leisure time with a useful work!

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