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Melodrama "Listening to Silence": actors, roles, short story

In the year 2006 director Alexander Kasatkin filmed a melodrama "Listening to silence." Actors Dmitry Maryanov and Alina Sergeeva became the main characters of this tape. In what quaint tangle will their fates on the screen? And why the picture so touched the hearts of many spectators?

Creators and a short plot of the picture

Alexander Kasatkin, a graduate of VGIK, began his career with the short film "Awakening". The debut of the director in the world of feature-length cinema was the melodrama "Listening to Silence".

listening to the silence of the actors

Actors Dmitry Maryanov and Alina Sergeeva playedin the film Kasatkin leading roles. The film crew worked together and managed to create a holistic screen cloth. For this film "Listening to Silence" was awarded a prize of audience sympathy at the film festival in Vladivostok.

The screenwriter of the melodrama was Natalia Nazarova. She is also the screenwriter of the films "My Boyfriend is an Angel", "Dura" and "Demons".

During the filming, camera operator Andrei Naidyonov was standing behind the camera (he was also filming "Pick-up: Taking without rules", "Euphoria").

Music for the film was written by Vladimir Saiko, who worked on musical accompaniment to the pictures "Autumn of the 41st" and "The Beat of the Zodiac."

"Listening to Silence": actors and roles. Dmitry Marianov as businessman Dmitry

Dmitry Maryanov began to act in films moreteenager. By the time of graduating from the theater high school, the young actor already had a worthy work in the projects "Was not there", "Above the Rainbow", "Dear Elena Sergeevna", "Love".

movie listening to the silence of the actors

90th for the actor in the creative plan were not very successful. Can be distinguished except that the image of Saint-Luc in the historic series "Countess de Monsoro."

Over time, Marianov firmly entrenched the screen role of the notorious ladies' man and a cynical bachelor. About the same looks Dmitry in the melodrama "Listening to silence".

Actors Maryanov and Sergeeva played in the tapeAlexander Kasatkin full opposites: Dima - a successful businessman, leading a disorderly lifestyle; Nastya is a talented and modest girl who is pure in her deeds and thoughts. Nevertheless, between the entrepreneur and his new housewife arises attraction and genuine interest. For the first time in his life, Dmitry is ready for selfless and selfless actions for the sake of women. That's just this idyll interrupted by a series of accidents.

Dmitry Maryanov is also known for his participation in television series "Vyshibala", "Umeltsy", "How to marry a millionaire" and "Cult".

The film "Listening to Silence": actors and roles. Alina Sergeeva in the role of Nastya

Alina Sergeeva in the 2000s came to conquer Moscow from Chelyabinsk. Soon she graduated from GITIS. Her debut in the movie was the main role in the melodrama "Listening to the silence."

listening to the silence of actors and roles

The actors of the project perfectly coped with their images. In particular, for the role of Nastya Alina Sergeeva received several prizes and diplomas of Russian film festivals.

The heroine of Sergeyeva is a rare gift. She composes music. At the same time he hears finished musical works in silence. Anastasia decides to move to Moscow, cherishes the dream to enter the conservatory. However, in the new place everything does not work out exactly as the girl expects: she has to work in the house of a rich businessman as a servant, take care of her sister and her sick child, Nastya fails to pass the examination at the conservatory. A succession of misfortunes falls on the head of the girl and her family. As a result, Nastia sacrifices herself and her spiritual purity for the sake of saving loved ones, while losing her ability to write beautiful music.

The film "Listening to Silence" brought success to AlineSergeyeva. Subsequently, the actress has played with a dozen major roles: in the films "The Tenant", "The Arms", "Longer than a Century", "The Sniper. Weapons of retribution "and other television projects.

Maria Zvonareva as Ali

actors listening to the silence of actors and roles

In the filmography of Maria Zvonareva also listedthe film "Listening to silence". Actors Zvonareva and Maryanov played the closest people for Nastia - a sister and, accordingly, a lover. But Alevtina was forced to commit an attempt on Dmitry: urgently needed money to treat his son, and the woman took such a desperate step.

Attempt, of course, failed. Alu was taken into custody, and her son never did an expensive operation. At a critical moment, Nastya found the strength in herself and gave each of her loved ones what they needed: Dmitry - love, nephew - his kidney, his sister bargained for freedom. Only now I had to pay for everything with my gift.

Other performers of roles

In the melodrama "Listening to Silence" Sergei Yushkevich received the role of personal assistant businessman Dmitry. Yushkevich is known for his works in the films "Green Coach", "London" and "Scream of the Owl".

The famous Soviet artist Iya Savvina ("Private Life", "Garage") played a teacher at the Conservatory, who agreed to prepare Anastasia for the entrance exams next year.

Also in the frame you can see Andrei Rapoport ("Courage"), Nikita Velichko ("Precinct"), Victor Rakov ("Kamenskaya") and Elena Tsagin ("Made in the USSR").

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