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The film "13 Ghosts". Actors and roles

American-Canadian film "13 Ghosts",actors and roles which are presented in this article, appeared on screens in 2001. It is a remake of the horror film of William Castle, a picture of 1960, but the latter has little in common with the film, which will be discussed below.

13 casting actors


Arthur Criticos is one of the heroes of the movie "13 Ghosts". The actor who played this hero is best known in the image of Salieri.

Cyrus Criticos is a millionaire and rather strangepersonality. He collects ghosts. He has an assistant - a medium named Dennis Rafkin. This is another entertaining character in the movie "13 Ghosts". About the actor who played the person who carries out the connection between people and ghosts, too, will be told in this article.

A dangerous hobby does not lead to anything good. The collector dies in the course of catching another ghost. The house is inherited by the nephew of the former owner - Arthur Criticos - the main character of the movie "13 Ghosts". The actor, who performed this role, was awarded the Emmy Award three times and once received the Golden Globe. Which of his works were so highly appreciated by film critics, is said below.

Arthur moved to the house of his late uncle. But not one, but with children - Bobby and Cathy. Another black inhabitant of the mansion is a black housemaid Maggie. The house is made of glass, walls, therefore, it is transparent. But this, of course, is not the most important strangeness of Arthur's new home.

Once in the house a medium is penetrating under the guise ofelectrician, but the owner quickly discovers it. Dennis is left with nothing to tell the new owner about the oddities of his uncle, and at the same time about the danger that the new dwelling represents. In the basement of the house there are a lot of ghosts, you can see them only through special glasses. Ghosts are contained in cages of glass, on the walls of each of them spells that can hold captives. However, soon the ghosts manage to get out of prison. In addition, Cyrus, as it turned out, did not die at all, but staged his own death in order to bring his nephew later in the sacrifice, and thereby complete a rare collection. Who played the heroes of the movie "13 ghosts"?

the cast of the movie 13 ghosts


Tony Shalhoub performed the role of Arthur. Matthew Lillard - the medium of Dennis, who never managed to get out of the terrible house with 13 ghosts. Actor F. Murray Abraham played a millionaire collector. Shannon Elizabeth and Alec Roberts - Arthur's children. The film features Ra Degga, Daviditz Embet, JD Ar Born, Daniel Wesley, Michael Spidel, Laura Mennell, Craig Oleinic, Catherine Anderson and others.

Tony Shalhoub

Actor is known primarily as a performercomedy roles. He played in the series "The Great New Miracle", for which he received "Emmy". In 1996, the actor was awarded the Golden Globe Award for his supporting role in the film Fraser. Tony Shalhoub also played in the pictures "How to know ...". "Hemingway and Gellhorn," "Brainless."

Matthew Lillard

In addition to "13 Ghosts", the actor has played in such films as "Hackers", "Scream", "Scooby-Doo". On the account of Lillard still many roles, but the above-mentioned the most successful of his work in the cinema.

13 casting actors and roles

F. Murray Abraham

In 1984, the premiere of the biographicalthe film "Amadeus". Murray Abraham played in this film, Antonio Salieri. Other famous works of this actor are roles in the paintings "Scarface", "Rose Name", "Gangsters", "Raised Sword", "Find Forrester".

Shannon Elizabeth

Actress and model to the beginning of filming a film about the house withghosts was already very popular. She made her film debut in the mid-nineties. In just five years she has played more than 10 roles in films. The most famous paintings with the participation of Shannon Elizabeth - "Night of the demons", "Werewolves." The role in the movie "American Pie" brought her the status of a sex symbol.

Laura Mennel played in "13 Ghosts" of one of the ghosts - Susan Le Grou. The next role she performed in the picture, also dedicated to the fight against otherworldly forces - "Hunters for evil spirits."

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