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What was the name of the poodle of Malvina and what role did he play in the adventures of Pinocchio?

Alexei Tolstoy, Soviet writer, since childhoodloved the tale of the Italian Carlo Collodi "The Adventures of Pinocchio. History of a wooden doll. " He rewrote it in his own way, and every child knew what kind of adventures Buratino had experienced, what was the name of the poodle of Malvina and who was Pierrot.

The Soviet Pinocchio

In 1934 the writer decided to translate his beloveda story in Russian and adapt it to the domestic reader. But in the course of the work Tolstoy was so carried away that in the main plot of the text a new, original idea appeared. In his interpretation, the names of the main characters are also transformed.

what was the name of the poodle of the Malvina
So, Pinocchio becomes Pinocchio, Geppetto is Papa Carlo. Who read the work of the Italian, he knows who Medoro is - that's the name of the Malvina poodle in the original version. And the girl herself was a fairy.

First, the author tried to keep the content, but later appeared the hearth and key, which became the highlight of the work. In addition, the characters of Tolstoy are more alive, they crave adventures.

The first adventures of dolls

Master Giuseppe found the log and began itscream, and it screamed. In the course of events, the carpenter gives strange wood to a friend Carlo. He is squeezing the boy out of her. The child was supposed to bring joy to the old man, but in return he created many problems. So, Buratino sold the primer, which he bought his father for the last money. Instead of school I went to the puppet theater. There he finds out who Malvina and Piero are. Buratino gets acquainted with the unfortunate lover, from whom the bride has escaped.

The appearance of this doll disrupts the play. This outrages the director Karabas Barabas, who wants to throw a piece of wood in the fire. The boy is saved by telling about his home and remembers the picture with the hearth. The bearded man rejoices and gives Buratino 5 gold coins for the poor pope.

Friends of the hero

The next day the boy goes home, butmeets Alice and Basilio. They tell him about the Land of Fools. "Comrades" stop at the tavern for the night. When the lad wakes up, the owner says that the fox and cat came out earlier and told him to catch up with them. He comes out of the tavern, robbers attack him and hang him on a tree. Then he is rescued by a beautiful girl and Pinocchio learns the name of the poodle of Malvina.

Malvina and Pierrot
So he meets his friends. The dog Artemon is a noble family. He is perfectly trimmed and combed. He has a ponytail with a black bow, and on one of his paws there is a watch. He is very lively and always ready to help his friend and mistress. It was the dog who called the doctors to barely live Pinocchio.

When the boy became better, the beauty of the beginningengage in his upbringing. The girl does not by chance live in the forest. There she is hiding from the tyrant of Karabas. The author gives such a description of Malvina: she had curly blue hair, a snub nose and a pretty mouth.

But Pinocchio is an incapable student. The teacher punishes the boy and closes in the closet. From there he escapes to Alice and Basilio.

Exposing the secrets

With "friends" the boy planting coins and waiting for the money tree to grow. But the fox runs to the police and says the homeless. The wooden stuff is taken to the station, and the scammers divide the money.

Law enforcers decide to drown Buratino. But he does not sink and in the lake he meets tortoise Tortilla. Russian Pinocchio talks about how he was deceived by Alice and Basilio. Aunt gives a sad boy a key.

artemone and malvina
Further in his life again burst Malvina andPierrot. Although the girl was not, just a loving poet shouted her name. It turned out that they were chasing him. This artist accidentally learns about the secret of Karabas, which tells Pinocchio. After talking, the boys went to the girl's house, which was very glad to see them. As soon as the dolls had lunch, the frog came and said that the theater director would be here in a few minutes. Friends began to hurry up.

Buratino well remembered the name of the poodle of Malvina, because he helped with the flight. He was loaded with all the necessary things and set off on a journey.

Heroism Artemon and the ending of adventure

At once they saw Karabas. The girl and Pierrot ran to the lake, and Carlo's son climbed a tree and called out the forest inhabitants. Bulldogs chased the poodle. He boldly fought against the pack. When tired, the animals came to their aid. Together, comrades beat up evil police dogs. Using a cunning, Pinocchio made sure that Karabas stuck his beard to the pine.

Friends took refuge in a cave, where a brave poodle cured wounds. Piero, Artemon and Malvina remained safe, and the main character went to the director to find out the secret of the secret room.

description of the Malvina
The road led the thieves to the tavern "Three minnows"the boy hid behind a jug. When he was found, he ran to his friends in the cave, but there was no one there. I had to release them from the paws of the detectives. Next on the way were Alice, Basilio, Karabas and Duramar. But he saved the dolls of Pope Carlo. Then he took them home. Buratino opened the secret door. The best theater in the world was waiting for her friends. There they put good magic plays.

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