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"Little Secrets": actors of an exciting Turkish painting

If you have not seen, then be sure to lookseries "Little Secrets." Actors did everything to fall in love with the viewer in this film. It was removed based on the American picture "Gossip Girl". Who are the heroes of the film "Little Secrets"? Actors played the role of final-grade students. These are Aishegul, Demir, Arzu, Ali, Cetin and Su. Mutual relations of children are a clever cocktail of friendship, love, jealousy and rivalry.

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"Little secrets": actors surprised the audience

So, more in detail. A magnificent series is the picture "Little Secrets". Actors very realistically portrayed their heroes. The main character is a blonde named Su. This girl is an eighteen-year-old beauty, an athlete and an excellent student. This is a person belonging to the category of those who always become the object of jealousy and envy from others. The heroine lives with her grandmother, insanely loves her father, but because of her eccentricity, she finds it difficult to find a common language even with the closest people.

Arzu is a girl who is seriously engaged inswimming. She will be competing for the prize of a well-known publication. Just before the exit, the heroine begins to have a stomach ache. A friend on command Su wants to support Arzu. Near the pool, she is noticed by Ali - a guy from the viewing sector. She likes the girl much more than Ishegul, the current passion. This is noticed by all the surrounding people. Aishegul is angry, especially since the rival has bypassed everyone at the distance. Su itself is happy, because now she is appointed an instructor. But a colleague starts to get angry with her.

In a word, a very exciting picture was the film "Little Secrets". The actors did everything to ensure that the show did not go unnoticed. And it happened.

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Real stars

Actors of the series "Little Secrets" - famousTurkish artists. The role of Su performs Blue Kobal - a young model and film actress. Like her heroine, at school she was passionate about sports. Today, in addition to filming, the actress is engaged in Latin dances and aikido.

In addition, the film was shot: Ozchivit Burak, Bolugur Merv, Karapinar Ipek, Sokullu Birkan, Dogulu Kadir, Uzun Edjem, Mingzhinozlu Mehmetjan, Erkek Hakki, Gultekin Enginay. The real professionals did a great job. The film was very exciting and interesting.

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And not only

In addition to very well-known artists,less famous: Urag Yildirim, Vuslateri Gonja, Culthur Yildiz, Gurler Senay, Akel Ebru, Sakalli, Ender, Bagri Ehrmann. All of them did their best, playing in the series "Little Secrets". Actors and roles are perfect for each other.

The film tells about the Turkish elite, about lifechildren from well-off families. Teenagers from early childhood are surrounded by luxury and wealth, their whole life is planned for a step forward. Children are not denied anything, they know that their future will be beautiful and cloudless. In fact, it's just an outer shell. Behind it lies the real life, the living feelings of the rich, but absolutely inexperienced guys.

Getting a lot just like that, teenagers are tooearly face intrigue and cunning, malice, greed and treachery. Surround them are very different people. In general, the characters need to understand and understand what is real wealth. Actors very realistically played their characters. If you want to spend your free time pleasantly - look at "Little Secrets" and you will not regret it!

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