/ / Familiar and not very actors: "Sniper: The weapon of retribution"

Familiar and not so actors: "Sniper: Weapon of retribution"

Today we will talk about the movie "Sniper: The weapon of retribution." Actors and roles will be presented further. This picture was filmed in two versions - film and TV version. The director was Alexander Efremov.


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First discuss the plot of the film, then there will beactors are represented. "Sniper: The weapon of retribution" is a film, the events of which unfold in 1942, in Stalingrad. From the side of the Soviet Army there is a group of 10 snipers. Among them are commander Yashin, a senior lieutenant, and Alesya, who was nicknamed the Witches by the Germans. Against them the enemy sends his own sniper - Karl Kleist, captain. The German military is setting up a trap, Alesha is killed in it and Yashin is wounded by a bullet marked with the letters "KK".

Key players

sniper weapons retaliation actors
The following starring roles will be presentedactors. "Sniper: The weapon of retribution" is a film in which Major Yashin is the main character. Dmitry Pevtsov played this role. It's about the Russian actor of cinema and theater, a singer and a teacher. He is a laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation. Comes from the family of Anatoly Ivanovich Pevtsov - Honored Pentathlon trainer, and Noemi Robert Robert - sports doctor. His mother is a candidate of medical sciences, the first president of the Federation of Riding.

As a child, the future actor went in for sports. He worked at the factory as a milling machine. Unexpectedly decided to enter GITIS. He graduated from this university, having completed the course of LN Knyazeva, II Sudakova. Was accepted to the Theater on Taganka. Anatoly Efros - the director, who introduced the actor in his production "At the bottom" Gorky. In this performance, Pevtsov played the role of Vaska Ashes. The actor passed an urgent service in the Soviet Army. Further, Dmitry continued to perform on the stage of the Taganka Theater. One of the first successful roles was the participation in the work on the play "Fedra" directed by Roman Viktyuk. Then he was invited to the Moscow theater Lenkom. On this stage, he performs at this time. In "Lenkom" the actor made his debut in the production of "Hamlet", in which he played the main role. Then he played in "Seagull" Treplev. He took part in the production of "Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro".

Maria Mironova played her namesake, the assistant engineer Mikhailovsky, named Gusev. Alina Sergeeva embodied the image of Alesya Mikulchik.

Other heroes

sniper weapons retaliation actors and roles
Below are named those who have performed second-level rolesactors. "Sniper: The weapon of retribution" - this is a picture in the plot of which there is a major of state security Osipov. Sergei Belyaev played this role. Many Belarusian actors took part in the work on the film. Anna Hitrick played the German sniper Bertu. Ivan Matskevich played the role of general. Two members of the group Yashin, Uncle Mikola and Boris Deryugin, are represented in the film "The Sniper: The Weapon of Retribution." Actors B. Gerhalov and P. Yuzhakov-Kharlanchuk performed these roles. Oksana Lesnaya embodied the image of Frau Martha - the housekeeper, the mother of the deceased wife Kleist. Polish and German representatives were involved in the work on the painting. In particular, the actors of the film "The Sniper: The Weapon of Retribution" Pavel Delong and Joachim Paul Assbek performed the roles of engineer Mikhailovsky and Carl Kleist. There was also a representative of Lithuania. Vladas Bagdonas played a German missile engineer, a designer of the FAU-2 named Otto Hamerbol.

Interesting Facts

Next, we give some information about the film, aboveactors were represented. "Sniper: The weapon of retribution" is a picture, the film version of which is presented as a feature film dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. As for the option for television, it is defined a bit wider. This is a four-part military dramatic drama. The shooting of the series was completed in early 2009. Separate episodes took place in Mir Castle, which is located in the Republic of Belarus, in the Grodno region.

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