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Characters and actors: "Power in the Night City" - a new TV show from Starz

In 2014 the Starz television channel aired a series in which little-known actors were involved. "Power in the night city" - a film about the nightlife in New York. The project was interesting in that its producer was the famous rapper 50 Cent. So, who are the main characters of the multi-part tape and who made it the creators?

Actors and roles, creators of the series "Power in the Night City"

The drama "Power in the Night City" first appeared on the screens on June 7, 2014. The series was broadcast by the Starz TV channel, which is also known for its projects "Spartacus", "Da Vinci Demons" and "Camelot".

actors power in a night city
The project was not very well-knownactors. "Power in the night city" can boast of that participation in the filming of the famous musician Curtis 50 Cent. 50 Cent also undertook to produce the project, because the fate of the protagonist of the series is very similar to his own biographical history.

The first season of the film consisted of only 8 episodes. But unexpectedly the ratings of the series were very good. Then the channel Starz ordered the shooting of the second season, which was supposed to consist of 10 episodes. In 2016, on the official website of the project, a teaser of the third season appeared.

The actors involved ("Power in the Night City"): Omari Hardwicke as "Ghost"

The protagonist of the series - the owner of the nightclub of New York's James Patrick. Once James called "Ghost" was forced to enter the drug business to get out of poverty and open his club.

power in the night city actors
But over time he completely disregarded this matter. In the end, James decides to leave the business, only to do it is not so easy: during the entire first season, the viewer watches Patrik desperately trying to defend his right to the club and to an honest life.

Actors of the series "Power in the Night City" inmost of them black guys. The main role was also entrusted to the African-American - Omari Hardwick. Hardwicke is most known for roles in the films "Beauty Salon" with Queen Latifah, "Songs of Love" with Janet Jackson and "Pipets" with Nicolas Cage.

The fate of the hero embodied on the screens of Omari,echoes the biography of Curtis 50 Cent. Curtis Jackson grew up in the poor neighborhood and joined the drug trade as a teenager. Then in his life there was music, and 50 Cent wanted to live honestly. For this Jackson received 9 bullets and was forced to postpone a number of complicated operations.

Natari Naughton as Tashi

In the series “Power in the Night City”, actors Natari Naughton and Omari Hardwick played a married couple.

TV series actors power in the night city
Natari is known in America not only as an actress, but also as a rapper. And she began her musical career in the church choir.

In 1999As teenagers, Natari, Adrienne, and Killy formed the group 3LW, which performed in the hip hop and r’n’b genre. The girls were quite popular and collaborated with the stars of the first magnitude in the States.

In 2002 Natari left the team and thought about her solo career and debut on the big screens. For a start, Naughton made her way to the Broadway musical Hairspray, and then Naughton in the musical Notorius biopic. One of the main roles Natari entrusted in the musical comedy "Glory". But the star of the hour for the actress was the series “Power in the night city”.

Catherine Hardducci as Frankie

In the film "Power in the Night City" actors Katherine Hardducci, Joseph Sikora, Lela Loren also received the leading roles.

Catherine Hardducci played in the film the representative of law enforcement agencies Frankie Lovarro, who disappears all day at work.

Catherine's career is fully tied to televisionprojects. Since 1999, the actress starred in the acclaimed series HBO "The Slan Klan". She then played various roles in the Law and Order, New York Police, and Blue Blood projects. In the 1993 film The Bronx Tale, the actress played the episodic role of the protagonist's wife, Robert de Niro.

In the series “Power in the Night City,” Kathryn Harducci lagged just one season.

Other performers of roles

In the Starz television series, there wereother actors are involved. "Power in the Night City" entered the filmography of the American rapper 50 Cent. For the first time, 50 Cent appeared in a full-length film in 2003. Then a documentary about him entitled 50 Cent: The New Breed was released. The rapper liked being in the frame and in 2005 he appeared in the crime drama “Get Rich or Die.” Film director Jim Sheridan made the film based on the biography of the musician and invited him to the main role.

actors and roles creators of the show power in the night city
Then 50 Cent appeared in many films: “House of the Brave”, “Death in the Air”, “The Right to Kill”. He did not always appear in the image of tough guys: for example, in the film “Escape Plan” with Sylvester Stallone, the rapper played the glasses-programmer.

In the project "Power in the Night City" also lit up La La Anthony - actress and screenwriter, participant in the show "Family Kardashian."

Debbie Morgan, who played Estelle in the movie, longtime starred in a soap opera called "All My Children." And Diane Neal, who played Cynthia Sheridan, is known for her role as Casey Novak from the TV series Law and Order: Special Corps.

Also in the frame you can see Joseph Sikoru, Lelo Loren, Lucy Walters and many others.

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