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Angelina Romanovskaya: meet the new asterisk

Angelina Romanovskaya. How often have you heard this name? It seems that no. But this girl has tremendous prospects in the field of music and choreography! Who is she? She is a member of the Ukrainian pop group called Open Kids, in which, besides Angelina, four other interesting young people are involved. In this article, you can learn about one of the rising stars of the music scene more.


angelina romanovskaya
Biography of Angelina Romanovskaya definitelyDeserves attention. After all, at the age of fifteen, she possesses extraordinary restraint, energy and ambition. She succeeds not only in combining studies at school with choreography and vocal classes, but also to lead an active lifestyle. She, among other things, has a painstaking and interesting hobby - killing. The whole life of the girl can be seen only by visiting her pages in social networks.

Angelina was born in Kiev. Since childhood, he has been a radiant, positive and purposeful child. Seeing this, the parents of Angelina Romanovskaya at the age of nine gave her to the Open Art studio where she could develop all her skills in acting, vocals and, of course, choreography. There she met the rest of the future pop group. All of them are close friends who always act together and support each other.

Angelina's family

biography of angelina romanovsky

The family with which Angelina Romanovskaya lives,Pretty big. Her parents - Bogdan's father and mother of Galina - have two more children. Angelina, she said, is trying to give his family all the free time. Parents relate to the girl's hobby positively and strongly support her in creative successes. Also, Angelina recently had a kitten, who immediately fit into her family and became a member. The girl has chic and truly extraordinary external data: long silky hair, deep blue eyes, a miniature and fragile physique. In a word - a doll. Therefore, in the future, she may even be offered a career model.


Until the formation of the Angelina groupRomanovskaya was a simple teenager, who was engaged in a hobby for pleasure. She could not even think what her passion for choreography would lead to. Even the girls themselves say that the news about collecting them into a single musical group was completely unexpected, but, of course, very pleasant. Angelina accepted this seductive offer with genuine enthusiasm, which she does not regret. After a performance before people who honor your talent, it's worth a lot. Music is an integral part of Angelina, without which she does not represent her future life. Performances on the stage bring her sincere and kind emotions, and therefore she plans to develop her hobby to a full-fledged profession that would bring not only pleasure but also finances. The girl would very much like her band to become famous for the whole white world, so that everyone would hear their positive, kind and bright compositions.


the angelina's parents are romanian
At the moment the Open Kids group existsabout three years, and Angelina Romanovskaya is her permanent soloist. She has chic vocal data, which allows her to perform completely different genre-oriented compositions. The band has clips for many of their songs. Also this year, the girls will go to their first concert tour, which will affect most cities of Ukraine and Moscow. Of course, in their plans there are also performances on large stages of various megacities, but they have yet to rise to these heights. Now you know more about the rising star of the Ukrainian stage - Angelina. In the project, it looks harmonious and effective.

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