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Nurse from "Silent Hill": a description of the monster, an idea for cosplay

Silent Hill - in literal translation into Russianlanguage "silent hill", a fictitious dead city, about which the horror film of the same name was shot. It is noteworthy that the film was created based on the popular computer game. The film had an incredible success at the box office around the world. Later, his sequel Silent Hill 2 was withdrawn. The public interest in this unusual world of nightmares does not fade and today, many fans of the film are especially attracted and admired by unique monsters. This is not another movie about vampires or zombies, horrible characters are unique and do not look like those shown in other films, which is only a nurse from the "Silent Hill"!

Description of the monster

Nurse from Silent Hill
The original name of this character is DarkNurse or Puppet Nurse. From a distance these creatures are similar to the most common nurses. However, coming closer, you can see that their overalls are stained with dirt and blood, and the face is covered with bandages. In a motionless state these characters freeze in unnatural poses. However, you should approach them very close - and a real nightmare will begin. It is believed that a nurse from the "Silent Hill" is blind or has very poor eyesight, but feels great movement. In the hands of monsters, scalpels, knives and fragments of pipes. Since these creatures usually appear in the plural, it is difficult to escape from their attack. However, despite their terrible appearance, they are not deprived of a nurse and some strange sexuality. They have slender figures, and short gowns with a deep neckline emphasize all the virtues.

Cosplay: ideas and tips

How to make a nurse costume from Silent Hill
The sinister and attractive image of these monsterslike many fans of the film and those who have seen it at least once. The nurse from "Silent Hill" is one of the most popular characters for cosplay. The costume based on this film will not go unnoticed at any event. It is appropriate that this image will be at the meetings of fans of the film and game world Silent Hill, cosplay festivals, Halloween parties. What is most pleasant, the outfit and accessories of this character is not difficult to create at home. How to make a nurse costume from "Silent Hill" with their own hands? For him, a white medical gown from a clothing store or sewn on his own (you can replace it with a one-color short dress). The most important thing is to qualitatively contaminate the fabric of the basic clothing with paint, imitating blood and dirt. And also do not forget to make a mask. To make it, you will need several packages of bandages and a few accompanying materials.

How to make a mask with your own hands?

Bandages on the face of a nurse from Silent Hill have longlost their sterility and original whiteness. To achieve this effect, soak them in coffee or tea and dry it. Now is the time to make a foundation. You can use a ready mask that completely covers the face. A more creative option is to make it yourself with the papier-mache technique. Find a suitable base and perform a mask that covers the face from the chin to the back of the head in the manner of the cap. Papier-mache dries within a day. After that, you can make holes for the eyes and mouth and begin to stick the bandages. Hide the holes in the draperies. The final stage - the application of individual spots of blood and dirt on the surface of the mask.

Image of a nurse from the "Silent Hill": important details

Image of a nurse from Silent Hill
A more realistic character will turn out ifadd a little makeup. Remember the film or computer game - on the exposed parts of the monsters body are visible blue veins, as well as visible abrasions, stains of blood and dirt. Use high-quality professional make-up or persistent paint for body painting. A nurse from the "Silent Hill" must have a weapon - pick up a stupid knife of awesome sight or look for an old rusty pipe.

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