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Uzbek actors: "The Bridegroom"

Today, your attention will beworthy, but not too well-known in our country actors. "The Bridegroom" is an Uzbek film in 2009, in which they all took part. The picture combines the genres of comedy and melodrama. The director of the tape is Bahrom Yakubov.


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Let's discuss the plot of the film. Next, the actors will be presented. "The bridegroom" tells the story of a girl named Gyuzal. Because of her impregnable and impudent character, her father named Anwar-aka can not find a groom for her daughter.

He absolutely casually meets Elyor - notless courageous guy. The latter has financial problems. Therefore, he can not pay the tuition fee. Anvar-aka asks Elyor to play the role of the groom and spend some time in his house, performing an additional certain work of the servant. Thus, the father wants to influence the daughter and change her character.

Anvar-aka is ready to pay Elyor's annual trainingfor the performance of such a service. In this case, the father puts only one condition - a young man should not really look at his daughter. During the period of Elyor's stay in the house, Gyuzal adjusts various dirty tricks for him. During one of these tricks, Elyor was electrocuted while he was repairing the outlet.

At this moment, the young man realized that he fell in love withthe girl. Gyuzal also became not indifferent to the guest. Feelings, like an electric shock, wake up unexpectedly. Father Gyuzal soon drives out of Elyor's house, suspecting that his daughter started this affair with this man.

During this scene, the girl finds out about the deal and realizes that it was a game. The guy and the girl ask for forgiveness. As a result, Gyuzal really becomes less cynical and unfeeling.

Key players

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In this section, the leading roles are namedactors. "The bridegroom" is a tape in which the main character is the obstinate girl Gyuzal. Diana Yagofarova played the role. The groom Elier and Gyuzal's father, Anwar-aka, are also among the main characters in the movie "The Bridegroom". The actors Adiz Radzhabov and Murad Radjabov played these roles. The second of them should be told in more detail.

Murad Yadgarovich Radzhabov is an actor, and alsoproducer. He studied at the Ostrovsky Tashkent Art Institute. Chose the acting faculty. He joined the Uzbek Drama Theater "Young Guard". He is a laureate of the Hamza State Award. This was his work on the film "It was in Kokand". Saida Rametova and Murad Radzhabov several times performed the role of a married couple, in particular in Uzbek films "Supernews" and "Sarvinoz". The actor is Uncle Abduvali Rajabov. Early Yarasheva appears in the picture as a mother.

Other heroes

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Below are named those who have performed second-level rolesactors. "The Bridegroom" is a film in which the unsuccessful fiancé Gyuzal, named Ravshan, appears. Rihsitilla Abdullaev played this role. Tahir Saidov and Zuhra Ashurova are also actors in the project. "The bridegroom" is a picture in which they played father and mother Elyor. Dilmurad Lambarov remembered the audience as Maruf.

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