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Actors of "Charged Weapons" mocked Hollywood

At the box office and during the premiere of the film, the actors"Charged weapons" made spectators laugh almost in every shot. They turned the picture into one complete comic movie, virtually without any interruptions to the plot.

Have fun in the frame

Almost all the actors of "Charged Weapons" werepopular even before filming and did not need extra fame. Therefore, they had the only incentive to work - the pleasure of the filming process. Just reading the script while preparing the film and on the samples delighted every participant in the filming.

Main cast:

  • Emilio Esteves.
  • Samuel L. Jackson.
  • John Lovitz.
  • Tim Curry.
  • Cathy Airland.
  • Frank McRae.
  • William Shatner.
  • Rick Dukomman.
    actors loaded weapons

In the film "Charged Weapons" actors and script writers used literally every opportunity to make the audience laugh at the actions of characters, circumstances, events and even the names of the characters.

Samuel Leroy Jackson

The whole career of Samuel should be divided into twostage: to "Pulp Fiction" and after it. In 1994, one of the main roles in the film opened up to him a huge opportunity in the cinema. Since that time, the directors considered it a great success to persuade the actor to take part in his film. His record was enriched by more than a hundred films that had a huge box office success at the box office.

Samuel Leroy Jackson was born in 1948 ina single mother from an alcoholic father in a poor neighborhood of the US capital. In Washington lived many more members of his family. Soon this will save the future actor from orphanhood and poverty, since Samuel's mother entered a psychiatric hospital. Then the boy receives a grandmother and grandfather at home with the support of a huge family.

charged weapons

The future big screen star decides to becomeactor on a student bench while studying in college. At first he studies architecture, but then he is transferred to the faculty of drama and already in 24 years Samuel makes his debut in a movie with a small budget. And in 1993 he was invited to shoot in the movie-parody of a Hollywood thriller. After the display of the comedy "Charged weapons" actors and roles have collected many good reviews. But Samuel only a year later had to play the main role in life: the young director Tarantino would call him to "Pulp Fiction". At the moment, Jackson is already 69 years old.

Emilio Esteves

Hereditary actor Emilio Esteves was born in 1962 in the family of Hollywood star Martin Shina. One of his younger brothers also became an actor with a worldwide reputation - Charlie Sheen. In his career, he even surpassed Emilio by popularity and popularity.

Esteves played the first role in cinema at the age of 18 and withhas remained a popular actor for 37 years now. On his account - work in the cinema, the theater and on television. In his career, he can boast of working together with world-famous stars. Among his shooting partners are Demi Moore, Samuel L. Jackson, Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen, and others. With his own brother Carlos Esteves (pseudonym Charlie Sheen), he starred in the comedy "Men at Work." Throughout his career, Emilio has performed more than 30 great roles in film, now the actor is 55 years old.

actors of the film loaded weapons

According to the idea of ​​the director of "Charged weapons", the actorsin the frame they performed a parody of all Hollywood insurgents with their hyperbole and blunders. The list of ridiculed films could be put on a separate list. For example, the main characters imitated the detectives from the movie "Lethal Weapon", and the police officer Riggs became the prototype of the character Emilio.

Reviews of the film and criticism

On the set, all the actors of "Charged Weapons"understood the purpose of the picture: to amuse the audience in every frame. This they managed thanks to the team of writers. According to critics, the picture abounds in parodic and simply comedic moments with good-quality humor.

However, there were also not very flattering reviews inaddress of individual performers of roles. Most of all went to Vupi Goldberg for a short episode, when her heroine perished from the villain's bullets. Critics responded about this role crushingly.

However, the main task of the actors of the film "Charged weapons" was fulfilled in full - at the premiere the audience laughed to tears.

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