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The most famous black actors

Dark-skinned actors have long occupied an important place in themodern cinema art. The times of racial intolerance have long since passed, and today they are on par with all the rest fighting for the most prestigious cinema awards of the world. The best of them will be described in this article.

Morgan Freeman

A standard among black actors isMorgan Freeman. He became famous because of the characteristic calm voice and skill of the narrator, who repeatedly demonstrated in many pictures. He was repeatedly nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe. In the actor's asset, one Oscar statuette for the best supporting actor in the Clint Eastwood sports drama "Baby in a Million". In 1990, he received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in Bruce Beresford's dramatic comedy The Miss Daisy Driver.

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Most viewers know him from the drama of FrankDarabont, "The Shawshank Redemption," David Fincher's thriller "Seven" criminal fighters Paul McGuigan "Lucky Number Slevin" tragicomedy and Rob Reiner's "The Bucket List".

Freeman tried himself and as a director. In 1993, he withdrew the drama "Bofa!". This is a political detective, whose actions are unfolding in one of the South African cities. The protagonist is a black policeman who faces a difficult choice. In the city riots begin because of the unjustified aggressiveness of the white officer. The key character has to decide on whose side to stand: to support a son who is an ardent supporter of the struggle against apartheid, or to choose a job in the importance and justice of which he believes?

Denzel Washington

Another black Hollywood actor - DenzelWashington. On the big screen, he debuted in 1974 in the detective Michael Winner's "The Thirst for Death." The picture is devoted to the rampant crime in New York in the 70's.

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First Oscar nomination for Washingtonreceived in 1988. In the biographical drama of Richard Attenborough "The Call of Freedom" he played the role of Steve Biko. This really existed fighter for the rights of black people. The action of the picture takes place in 1970 in the South African Republic. The film details the struggle against the ruling regime, pursuing an aggressive policy of racial segregation. Almost all the tape was filmed in Zimbabwe.

That year he did not get the prize. The statuette was awarded to Sean Connery for his role in the crime drama Brian de Palma "Untouchables". His first "Oscar" Washington was in 1990 for the image of Private Trip in Edward Zwick's historical military drama "Glory." In 2000, a black actor won the Golden Globe and the silver bear of the Berlin Film Festival for the role of boxer Rubin Carter in the Norman Jewison sports drama Hurricane.

Samuel Leroy Jackson

Among the dark-skinned male actors, one of the leadersby the number of roles in the movie - Samuel Leroy Jackson. On his account more than 120 films. In the movie, he first played in 1972. It was a little-known tape "Together Forever". A general recognition for a dark-skinned actor came in 1991 after the drama Spike Lee "The Tropical Fever". Superstar Jackson began to reckon, having played in the black comedy Quentin Tarantino "Pulp Fiction". For this work, he received the BAFTA and the Independent Spirit award.

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Jackson has since worked regularly with Tarantino. He played in his paintings "Dzhango freed", "Jackie Brown", "Ghoulish eight".

Lawrence Fishburne

In the list of dark-skinned actors who deservefame and recognition, is Lawrence Fishburne. In the history of world cinema he left his name, playing in the film adaptation of the Shakespearean drama "Othello" in 1995. Most of the spectators remembered his name after filming in the sci-fi thriller of the Wachowski brothers "The Matrix". For the role in this cult tape, he received the MTV award in the category "Best fight".

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In 1994, Fishburne was the only timenominated for "Oscar" for the created image of the American blues musician Hayk Turner in the film "What love is capable of." As a result, the prize went to Tom Hanks for the legal drama "Philadelphia". In his career also a lot of roles in the theater.

Wing Rames

Among the dark-skinned Hollywood actors (men)a prominent role is played by Wing Rames. He began his career with Broadway productions. In the mid-80's he came to television. His first notable work was the role of the father of writer James Baldwin, which he performed in the autobiographical drama "Go, Think of the Mountain." Rames often starred in Vietnamese westerns. He played in the dramatic mystical thriller Adrian Lain "Jacob's Ladder."

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Glory to him, as well as to Jackson, came after"Criminal reading" Quentin Tarantino. Perhaps the most notable main role of Rames is Luther Stickell in the militia series "Mission Impossible." In total, the actor has more than a hundred roles in the cinema. Actively works till now. In 2017, starred in the comedy Lawrence Cher "Who's our daddy, dude?" and the fantastic action movie of James Gunn "The Guardians of the Galaxy."

Eddie Murphy

No selection of photos of black actorsDoes not mention Eddie Murphy. At the peak of his popularity, he came out in the 80's. His first major success on the big screen is Martin Brest's comedic "The Beverly Hills Cop." His total love was brought to him in John Landis comedy "Swap places", Tom Shediak's comedy melodrama "Nutty Professor", Betty Thomas comedy "Doctor Dolittle", Ron Underwood's fantastic action "The Adventures of Pluto Nash", Bill Condon's dramatic musical "Dream Girls" The family comedy fantasy Rob Minkoff "Haunted Mansion."

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Perhaps, this is the most famous blackAmerican comedian. In addition to success, there have been many failures in his career. The actor was repeatedly nominated for the Golden Raspberry award. Even became its owner. For example, in 2008, he received a prize for the worst male role in the comedic melodrama of Brian Robinsck's "Norbit Tricks." And in 2010 he got "Golden Raspberry" in the nomination "The Worst Actor of the Decade" for a whole series of unsuccessful works.

Will Smith

Another successful black actor is Will Smith. He was twice in his career nominated for an Oscar. In 2002, Smith claimed the statuette for the best male role in the biographical sports drama of Michael Mann "Ali", dedicated to boxer Cassius Clay. But the victory that year went to Denzel Washington for the dramatic thriller Antoine Fukua "Training Day".

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In 2007, Smith once again claimed to be an "Oscar"For work in the drama Gabriela Muchchino "In pursuit of happiness." But even this time the reward was not his. The victory was won by Forest Whitaker for the main role in the historical drama of Kevin MacDonald "The Last King of Scotland". The popular love Will Smith won after the release of the screen version of the fantastic comic thriller Barry Sonnefeld "People in black." And then the second part of this film. Since then, many have known him as the agent of James Darrell Edwards.

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