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Who played in the movie "Whisper": actors, characters, viewers' reviews

Horror "Whisper" became the first full-length film incareer director Stuart Hendler. His debut project has not gained worldwide popularity, but fans of mystical and psychological horror films, no doubt, will like the movie "Whisper". Actors Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callis performed in the film the main roles.


Max recently left the prison. He firmly decided to forever engage with crimes and start everything from the beginning with his fiancee Roxana. Max always wanted to open his restaurant, but no bank gives a loan to a former prisoner. To get money to realize the dream, Max agrees to take part in kidnapping the son of a very wealthy women politician along with several other criminals. He is sure that this will be his last crime. Soon, Max to his horror will understand that the kidnapped child is a real demon, who likes to play human lives.


In the beginning of summer 2007 the casting of the film was completed"Whisper". Actors and roles were distributed, and the shooting process began. The role of Max went to Josh Holloway, famous moviegoers for small roles in the films "Sabotage", "Mission Impossible: Protocol Phantom", "Sabretooth". The first horror, where Holloway performed the main role, was "Whisper". Actors Joel Edgerton and Michael Rooker played Vince and Sidney, the criminals who organized the kidnapping. Edgerson before appeared in several episodes of "Star Wars", played a small role in the film "Trumps Aces." Michael Rooker has worked on many projects, the most famous of which are "The Lie Detector" and "The Power of Fear".

The role of Roxanne, the bride of Max, went to Sarah Wayne Callis, who had previously starred in television dramas.

"Whisper" actors

Young actor Blake Woodruff played David,kidnapped boy in the movie "Whisper". The actors who performed the main roles in the film were previously known mainly for the roles of the second plan. Sarah Callis, after completing work on this project, starred in several full-length films, Josh Holloway also struggles for his acting career, agreeing even on very small roles, and Blake Woodruff decided to leave filming in the movie.

Actors of the film "Whisper"


The film received mostly negative reviews from critics and mixed reviews from viewers. The actors of the movie "Whisper" were not awarded any awards for shooting in the film.

For the company Gold Circle Films, this project was unsuccessful in the financial plan - with a budget of $ 12 million, the film collected at the box office a little more than 6 million.

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