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Famous actors: "Crooked mirror of the soul"

Today, your attention will befamous actors. "Curved mirror of the soul" - the name of the film in which they all played. It's about melodrama, consisting of 4 series. The tape was released in 2013. Maxim Meheda was the director.


actors crooked mirror of the soul
First discuss the plot of the film, then there will beactors are represented. "Crooked Mirror of the Soul" is a film in which the question of how to live, if you were sold for a debt by a brother, is asked, while the sister helped him. Father and mother do not want to hear about you. In addition, the situation is complicated by a false accusation of attempted murder. Remains only a medallion, donated by the grandmother.

Key players

Ilya socks
Next, the actors who have starred will be named. "Curved mirror of the soul" is a film in which the main character is Olga Terentyeva. Tatiana Lyalina performed this role. This actress was born in 1994, on February 12, in Dnepropetrovsk. To get an education I decided at the Kiev Karpenko-Kary Theater University. I went to the workshop of N. N. Rushkovsky.

Ilya Noskov played host to Vadim Motor ShowLitvinov. This actor was born in 1977, on July 21, in the territory of Ukraine, in the Kherson region. He studied in St. Petersburg at the Academy of Theater Arts. Acted on stage. He played at the Pushkin Academic Drama Theater. He is an actor of a company called "Noskovy and the Company".

Konstantin Koretsky embodied the image of his brother Olga. This actor was born in 1980, January 8, in Kharkov. He studied at the State University of Arts of IP Kotlyarevsky at the theater faculty.

Other heroes

konstantin koretsky
Now, the supporting roles of the second plan will be namedactors. "Crooked Mirror of the Soul" is a film in the plot of which Golitsyn's daughter Ksenia appears. Anna Kazyuchits played this role. This actress was born in Norilsk, in 1983, on June 10. Her father is Yuri Kazyuchits. He was an actor. Mother Nadezhda Kazyuchits is a doctor. Younger sister Tatyana is an actress. Anna lived in Krasnoyarsk with her parents. Then she moved with her family to Minsk. She played on the stage of the Belarusian National Academic Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky.

Ada Rogovtseva performed the role of Claudia Grigorievna- Olga's grandmothers. This actress was born in 1937, July 16, in the Sumy region. I studied at the Karpenko-Karogo Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Art, in the studio of K. Stepankov. Played on stage. She was an actress at the National Academic Russian Drama Theater of Lesya Ukrainka. She conducted pedagogical activity. She taught at the Kyiv Institute of Theatrical Art Karpenko-Kary. She was a member of the Soviet Peace Committee. He is an active public figure.

Yury Belyaev performed the role of Vladimir IgorevichGolitsyna. This actor was born in 1947, on August 28, in the Omsk region. As a child with his parents moved to the city of Stupino. So it turned out in the Moscow region. He joined the "Stupino theater-studio of the young", led by O. A. Livanov. He worked in the factory. I served in the army. Was the instructor of DOSAAF. Worked as a loader and janitor. He was educated at the Theatrical School BV Shchukin. I went to the course of L. Stavskaya. He is an actor of the Taganka Theater.

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