/ / With the help of the master's advice we learn how to draw a skeleton

With the help of the master's advice we learn how to draw a skeleton

How to draw a human skeleton? It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Using this algorithm, even a novice artist will cope with this task. To achieve a successful result, we advise step by step to follow the recommendations of an experienced master.

how to draw a skeleton

Create the skeleton of the future skeleton

Step 1. Now we learn in more detail how to draw a skeleton with a pencil. First, draw a basic frame. To do this, you need to start with a circle for the skull. Circle the two intersect at right angles to the lines divided into 4 segments, a little lower under the horizontal line to conduct another. Under the circle, draw the contour of the bottom of the skull. Draw eye sockets, nose holes and teeth as shown in Fig. 1.

Vertical line of the skull to extend lower - thisthe basis of the skeleton (spine). Add a line of shoulders, parallel to this line below draw 2 straight shorter to indicate the basics of the pelvis. From the shoulder and pelvic lines down, draw straight lines for the basis for the bones of the hands and feet, respectively.

Check the middle of the spinesinusoids. In the middle of the straight lines, denoting the bones of the hands and feet, circle out the elbow joints and knees with circles. On the ends of these straight ovals mark the future brushes and feet. When building a frame, refer to figure 1, which will tell you how to draw a skeleton correctly.

how to draw a skeleton with a pencil

Draw the upper part of the trunk skeleton

Step 2. To begin, fill the distance between the skull and the shoulder line with two short, flat ovals to create the appearance of the cervical vertebrae.

Draw the clavicles, for which the elongated ovalsWe shall circle the horizontal lines along the entire length to the right and to the left of the neck. Let's draw the shoulder (upper) bone and forearm (lower) along the length. In this case, for plausibility, it is necessary to identify the shoulder and elbow joints.

Figure 2 clearly shows how to draw a skeletondirectly the chest. The main thing is to try to draw the ribs correctly. Ribs are bones that are connected in pairs to the thoracic vertebrae. In total, a man has 12 pairs of ribs, but in the figure, as a rule, draw less (in our figure, 7 pairs of ribs are depicted).

If everything turned out, half the job is done. We pass to the next stage.

how to draw a human skeleton

How to draw a skeleton of the lower part of the trunk

Step 3. Under the bone of the sternum, we schematically draw 4 vertebrae. Below them a cone, elongated vertically, we will designate the sacrum.

Drawing pelvic bones will be a little more complicated. If you look closely at the drawing, they resemble the wings of a butterfly. The line starts from the bone of the sacrum, rises in a smooth semicircle to the costal bones and also descends gradually to the bottom of the sacral bone at an angle. It turned out that in anatomy is called the area of ​​the small pelvis.

Now draw the femoral (upper) and tibia(lower) bones of both legs. In this case, note that the upper bone to observe the proportionality of the skeleton is drawn a few millimeters longer than the lower one.

The femoral and tibia bones in the patella region join together. In the first figure, this place was designated by a circle.

The final stage

how to draw a skeleton

Step 4. To make the drawing natural it is necessary to remove all the axial (auxiliary) lines with the eraser. In the end, it is desirable to add details to make the skeleton resemble the real one. For example, in the skull it is necessary to finish the cheekbones, in more detail to describe the radial and ulnar bones of the hands, the tibia and fibula of the legs, the joints, and carefully draw the phalanges of the fingers and toes.

After the final step, your drawing should resemble this one. If everything turned out, then now you know how to draw a skeleton.

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