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How to create a group in "Classmates"

The social network "Odnoklassniki", in addition toregistration of individual users, provides the ability to create groups. These groups are designed to bring together a certain number of people into a thematic community, the specifics of which can be different.

how to create a group in classmates
For example, it could be a club of dog lovers orfans of The Beatles. The main thing is to find like-minded people with whom it will be interesting and fun. Very often groups are created for a meeting after graduation from a school, university, etc. In such groups, former classmates designate a meeting place, negotiate expenses, gifts.

Many people will have a completely natural question about how to create a group in "Classmates"? In this social network, there are two types of such associations: group pages and simply groups.

The page group is optimal for famous people,brands, companies, the main purpose of which is communication with a large number of users. Only the moderator can update the information. Users can discuss and comment on the materials.

The usual group is an option for informal communication. This can be the exchange of information, the addition of various materials or content. The creator is automatically appointed by the moderator.

create a group in classmates
Before creating a group in "Classmates",determine the thematic area. The topic depends on your personal preferences. But if you want to develop it, then the community should be interesting for other users.

How to create a group in "Classmates"? First you must register in person. After that, in the tabs, find the "Groups" item. Before you will appear a list of communities in which you are registered, if any. At the top of the list is the button "+ create group", by which you need to click. Then a window will appear offering you to choose its type: by interests, for business. Click on the appropriate menu item, come up with and enter a name. Then follows the description of the group, which will be its presentation. It is necessary to describe why you decided to create a group in "Classmates". The volume is about 200 characters.

For example, if a cooking theme is chosen, thenthe user needs to describe exactly what recipes will be placed, priority will be given to national dishes or healthy food. The description should be interesting and attractive in order to attract a large number of participants to the group. If you want to make it popular, then you need to promote the group in "Classmates".

promotion of the group in classmates
Now you need to select its type. The open group will be freely available. This means that any user can visit or join it, participate in the discussion, leave comments. Access to the closed group is limited.

The place to the right is reserved for placing the image. It is desirable that the picture should be in the subject, otherwise new users may not pay attention to your group.

At the final stage, click the menu item "Create". In this case, the user must agree that he is familiar with the rules for creating and maintaining groups.

I hope that this article helped you to understand how to create a group in "Classmates".

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