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Total clearing: how to remove a participant from the group "VKontakte"

If you are a moderator or administrator of somecommunity "VKontakte", then certainly already faced with the need to remove someone from the group. Most often this is due to the inadequate behavior of this person. But whatever the reason, the problem is one: how to remove a participant from the VKontakte group. The ways of this exist different, and we will discuss them later in the article.

how to remove a member from the vkontakte group

Manual removal from the list of participants

The easiest way that comes first is tomind, this - you just go to the list of members of the group and manually start to remove any comrades who are unfit to us by clicking the "Remove from community" button next to the photo. If we have a small community, then there are no problems how to remove a participant from the VKontakte group.

And what if you are a public administratorwith several thousand subscribers? Very often such communities accumulate "dead souls" - remote accounts, a large number of which the administration "VKontakte", by the way, regards as a bonus of bots.

In order for you not to suspect without reasonactions that you did not commit, such gray inactive accounts are fine from time to time to eliminate, like weed from the beds. A good idea is to use convenient services.

Automation to help: how to quickly remove participants from the group "VKontakte"

Let's say you found a "killed" account with a doginstead of avatars. How do I remove a member from the group? "VKontakte" has a special functionality to eliminate inactive accounts from the community, but it only works in groups with more than 10,000 participants.

how to quickly remove participants from the vkontakte group

In order to use it, you needgo to the Statistics section. At the bottom of this page you will find information about the number of bots and dead accounts, and next to it you will find a button with a suggestion to delete all this virtual garbage. But only this service has a small oddity: together with the actual garbage, it can accidentally throw out active subscribers. So the use of this function is a master business.

The next method is to download the VKbot program. This software is a faithful assistant to SMM managers. It allows you to automate many processes, including solving the problem of how to remove a participant from the VKontakte group. Naturally, like any third-party service, it will require you to access your account. The expected speed of cleaning groups is about a thousand accounts in a couple of hours.

how to remove a member from the vkontakte group

Pretending to be helpless: cleaning up a group with technical support

One of the amazing ways to removeparticipant from the group "VKontakte", meeting on the expanses of the network, is to contact the technical support of the site. They say that she, though not immediately, but responds to pleas for help. On the other hand, there is a risk that the technical support agent, in turn, will reflect, and where you have so many "killed" accounts, and instead of help you just bans, suspecting the cheating. Therefore, you should not abuse this way, but you can try your luck. Especially technical support "VKontakte" is famous for its sparkling answers to users. Do not get what you want, so at least laugh with all your heart.

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