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How to promote the VKontakte group? Effective methods

How to Promote a Vkontakte Group

Groups in the popular social network VKontakteare created for different purposes: attracting potential buyers, advertising their products, branding, maintaining customer loyalty, taking advantage of advertising placed in the community, and so on. All this is impossible without advancement. The fact is that those groups and communities that have great popularity and a huge number of users are most interesting to other people, so they are more profitable from any point of view. The promotion service is provided by many marketing and advertising agencies, and they can be easily accessed. But quite often the owners of communities in the social network have a reasonable question: how to promote the VKontakte group independently and is it possible at all? This is what we will try to answer in this article.

What is necessary?

Before doing promotion of the group,you need to create it, come up with a bright and memorable name, add content (at least 20-30 posts). It is also necessary to determine which users it is oriented to (teenagers, businessmen, etc.), how many participants you would like to see, how much you are willing to spend money on promotion (if you asked yourself how to promote VKontakte for free, then you are forced to disappoint - it's impossible). With this sorted out.

How to promote Vkontakte group yourself
How to promote the VKontakte group? Step 1

We attract as many participants as possible to the group. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Send invitations to your friends through private messages and through the "wall" (a laborious and not always effective way).
  2. Advertising in other communities is already popularVKontakte similar to yours. Here you need to be ready for spending money, as it is unlikely that any of the owners of such groups will cooperate with you for no particular reason.
  3. Contextual advertising in search engines and inthe social network itself. The main advantage of this method is the possibility of attracting users who are potentially interesting to you (that is, you yourself can specify the age of the participants, the city of residence, interests, etc.), and the downside is the high cost.
  4. How to promote VKontakte through search engineoptimization? Quite simply: it is necessary to calculate high-frequency queries and low-frequency queries with respect to thematic group names. To call a community wiser than low-frequency, as it will be easier to promote it in the search engine.

How to promote Vkontakte group for free

How to promote the VKontakte group? Step 2

We fill the group with content. After you dial at least 5 000 - 6 000 thousand users, you can take up posts. Add daily news and information to the group. Try to make posts bright and not too long, add pictures.

How to promote the VKontakte group? Step 3

We attract the attention of users. In order for people to visit your group as often as possible, try to entice them. Arrange the action with further prizes for any actions of the participants (for example, who will guess the riddle or place more records of the group on their page, and so on).

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